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  • 40-states/

    4 hours ago ... We are three months into the 2017 state legislative sessions and our NVIC
    Advocacy Team has already tracked 173 vaccine related bills ...

  • high-vaccine-should-never-have-occurred/

    1 day ago ... All that changed in 1995, when the FDA licensed and approved the live
    attenuated chickenpox (varicella) vaccine in persons aged >12 months.

  • about-vaccines-docuseries/

    3 days ago ... The 7-part documentary, The Truth About Vaccines, was a huge success.
    Hundreds of thousands of people tuned in to hear an all-star lineup of ...


    5 days ago ... This means that vaccine risks are not being borne equally by everyone in society,
    and forced vaccination is a de facto selection of the vaccine ...

  • mystery-combination-vaccination-that-her-parents-did-not-consent-t...

    6 days ago ... Jodie became permanently brain-damaged after receiving mystery vaccine-
    combination without informed consent. by Christina England

  • death-of-young-woman/

    Apr 17, 2017 ... When she got the first shot of the HPV vaccine on July 23, 2012, she became ill
    with a headache and breathing difficulty. Although she suffered ...

  • -13-vaccines-at-one-time-mom-accused-of-abuse-for-disagreeing-w...

    Apr 17, 2017 ... She did, however, question the safety of giving 13 vaccines at once. Durenda's
    pediatrician assured her that it was fine: I can give up to 20 at ...

  • the-science-is-settled-claim-that-vaccines-do-not-cause-autism/

    Apr 16, 2017 ... The Vaccine Court used an Omnibus Autism Proceeding hearing for all autism
    claims filed by trying three test cases out of over 5,000 claimants ...

  • star-lineup-begins-today-free-viewing-to-the-public/

    Apr 11, 2017 ... The much anticipated Truth About Vaccines docu-series begins today,
    Wednesday, April 12th. Featuring an all-star lineup of speakers, this ...

  • mandatory-vaccines-for-adults/

    Apr 11, 2017 ... Ty Bollinger interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Toni Bark about forced
    vaccinations for adults and the "Healthy People 2020" initiative in ...