Hitler with Thomas J. Watson, former President of IBM.

by Gary Jordan
Wake TF Up Weekly

The Jewish leaders of the Chatham Synagogue in New York make it very clear on their website that in order to worship at their premises, you must be both masked and vaccinated.

As if this isn’t ridiculous enough they also ask that you show proof of being jabbed – suggesting an app that was created by a company directly involved in the slaughter of their own people. They state:

Our Shabbat services are open for all vaccinated and masked attendees. We will also continue to use Zoom to bring services to those who can’t attend in-person, or who have not yet been vaccinated.

Please Note: if you’d like to join us in-person we request that, if you’re able, you scan your vaccination card or your New York State Excelsior Pass.

The Potsdam-based Jewish Congregation Beth El has similar requirements.

On their website, they instruct their visitors to have proof of vaccination in order to be able to attend High Holiday Services. The guidelines are as follows:

COVID Vaccine proof will be required including: Vaccine card, Excelsior pass (phone app), or NYSIS printout.

Similarly, the Woodstock Congregation in New York demands that only vaccinated individuals attend their services. They ask that:

…..all congregants who wish to attend High Holy Days in person submit documentation of their vaccination status. Either a photo of your vaccination card or a screenshot of the NY State Excelsior Pass will be accepted.

The same goes for attendees of the Jewish Temple Beth Tzedek in Buffalo, New York.

The below message was posted on their website in order to advise congregants of protocol on their August 6th reopening:

Dear TBT Congregants:

We are all concerned about the increased presence of the Delta COVID variant in Western New York. Your safety is our first priority. Accordingly, we are making two changes for services, effective immediately:

1. All attendees must wear masks.

2. Attendance is limited to those who are vaccinated (if vaccine eligible). (Children who are not vaccine-eligible may attend if wearing a mask.). If you have not already done so, please provide proof of vaccination (copy of vaccination card or Excelsior Pass)

It is not limited to synagogues.

The Yeshiva University group, which has campuses based in New York City, is described as a ‘multifaceted University community’ with “undergraduate schools (that) offer a unique dual curriculum comprising Jewish studies and liberal arts and sciences courses.

Like the aforementioned places of worship, the Yeshiva University has a strict vaccination policy. They require all of their students to be injected with an emergency-use, unapproved, experimental gene therapy before they are allowed to attend classes.

Proof of having received this, they explain, can be presented via any of the below options:

Students can submit any of the following:

  • CDC Vaccination Card
  • NYS Excelsior Pass
  • Documentation signed by a healthcare provider licensed to practice medicine in the United States or a foreign country with the dates and name of the vaccine given.
  • A Teudat Chisun from the Israeli Green Pass System or a completed Meuhedet Vaccination Certificate.

I can only surmise that history is not taught at this university. Or if it is, nobody has paid any heed to it.

What is depressingly ironic and face-palm worthy about the above is the fact that all of these Jewish establishments list, as one of the options of proof of vaccination, the Excelsior Pass – a digital health pass developed through a partnership between New York State and IBM.

Yes, IBM.

The same IBM that in the 1930s helped Adolf Hitler to tag and identify the Jews of Europe, making it possible for his men to track them down, separate them from their families, segregate them, starve them, use them for slave labour, torture them and, ultimately, murder them.

Those who are implementing such policies in 2021 have forgotten (or more likely ignored) the fact that IBM, led by Thomas J. Watson as the company’s President, developed the punch cards and tabulation machines that made the Holocaust possible.

In Edwin Black’s outstanding book, IBM and The Holocaust, we learn how Watson’s organisation allowed the Nazi’s to overcome the logistical hurdles that lay before them as they strived to carry out their planned genocide.

Black’s meticulous research encompassed over 20,000 documents and his findings have never been repudiated by the company. So important was IBM’s input and so crucial to the Eugenicists of Nazi Germany was their technology that Watson was looked upon as a hero by the Fascist regime and presented with a medal for his work.

Before they were used as a system of annihilation, the machines developed by IBM were pivotal in expelling the Jews from society.

Without a means of identification, it was difficult for the Nazis to successfully carry out their campaign of persecution and torment of the target Jewish population.

IBM fixed this and allowed the Nazi’s to keep tabs on them. This led to the confiscation of Jewish-owned property and the takeover of Jewish-owned businesses.

The machines also allowed the Nazis to monitor the jobs that Jewish people did and were a central tool in the removal of Jews from important positions and professions in society – for example, when Jewish doctors were no longer allowed to treat non-Jewish patients and when Jews were disallowed from working as civil servants.

On top of this, the Nazi’s, through the identification and designation that was made possible by Watson’s machines, were even able to enforce regulations that pertained to the personal relationships between Jews and non-Jews.

The machines also ensured that Jews could be identified if they were found in places they should not have been, such as restaurants, public parks, cafes or even certain streets.

Eventually, they would be used to place the Jews in ghettos and, later, concentration camps.

As Hitler was expanding his empire beyond Germany and into the rest of Europe, IBM was always one step ahead of him, having already set up base in the soon-to-be occupied nation before German troops arrived, ensuring the Jewish community there were tagged and traced in advance.

Despite all this, Thomas Watson’s contributions continue to be honoured today and the memory of his endeavours is far from desolate within the walls of the company he built.

In fact, the New York State Excelsior Pass was born out of the initiative of an IBM project known as Watson Works.

This enterprise is said to use AI, data and blockchain technology to enable a safe return to the office for employees across the United States.

How ironic it should be named after a man who invented a punch card system that led countless Jewish men, women and children into slavery and subsequent death.

And how frightening it is to think that leaders within the Jewish religious community in New York would demand such a system of segregation be adhered to today.

How shocking it is that Jewish educators would instruct their students to abide by a system that caused such misery and pain for their own. And how terrifying it is to think that they would suggest using IBM’s modernized punch cards to do so.

When we object to the reality that our nation’s political leaders are mandating the application of a ‘Nazi Pass’ system in our towns and cities worldwide, we are not being hyperbolic.

In States like New York, people are very literally being asked to show their ‘Nazi Pass’, when they wish to enter a synagogue or university.

They are required to comply with a totalitarian, Fascist scheme using digital documentation developed by an organisation that is complicit in mass murder on an enormous scale.

To think that Jewish people in Jewish-owned businesses, Jewish universities and Jewish synagogues are, once again, acquiescing to the same instruments of tyranny that almost caused their eradication from the face of the Earth over 80 years ago, is astonishing.

For Jews, this is not a ‘New Normal’. There is nothing ‘new’ about any of this. It has all been done before.

What a shame they don’t seem to remember.

Reprinted with permission. Full article at Wake TF Up Weekly.

Gary Jordan is the author of The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies


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