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Hundreds of Thousands Take to the Streets in London to Protest And Fight for Their Children

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Massive crowds took to the streets of London today to protest against COVID tyranny.

Video footage from the air and on the ground show massive crowds.

I like the sign this woman is holding in the first frame of the video clip below:

We’re Not From the Left or Right We’re From the Bottom and We’re Coming for Those on TOP!

It appears that race and political affiliation were put aside in this protest, which is what is needed if the masses are going to have any effect against the Globalists.

Saving the children from the bioweapon shots seemed to be a common theme.

People dancing to the song by British Rock Band Pink Floyd “Brick in the Wall”

And where are similar protests in the USA?

Oh, that’s right. You have to go to a public school board meeting to see parents up in arms about COVID measures because they want to keep using the Nanny State’s school system to babysit their children so they don’t have to.

And if we do see protests, they will probably be much smaller than this one in London today, with BLMers on one side and Trump supporters on the other, and they won’t be protesting against the Globalists, but fighting each other instead.

If the masses do rise up together to overthrow tyranny, I’d bet on the UK over the US any day. It looks like they are fairly unified in taking down Boris Johnson and the rest of the hoodlums in Parliament.

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