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As Drugs Fail, Natural Solutions to COVID-19 Ignored by Government


As Drug Failures for COVID Mount, Feds Ignore Natural Options

by Alliance for Natural Health [2]

Many COVID drugs are failing. Natural medicine may hold the key—but can government cronyism be overcome? Action Alert! [3]

A large analysis [4] has found that antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine had no benefit for COVID patients, causing more deaths than standard care. Other pharmaceutical treatments are also turning out to be useless [5]. Emerging evidence suggests that natural medicines like zinc, quercetin, and potassium could help, sometimes in conjunction with drugs, but the government refuses to acknowledge these benefits because nutrients aren’t as profitable for drug companies.

While hydroxychloroquine may be ineffective on its own, there are trials [6] that have combined the drug with zinc. Zinc inhibits [7] viral activity, but it is difficult [8] to get high levels of zinc into cells. Hydroxychloroquine may help [9] by aiding zinc’s entry into cells. Studies show quercetin may also do [10] what chloroquine does with zinc but without toxic side effects. Some researchers believe that zinc in general is one of the most important things [11] we can take both to avoid Covid-19 infection and treat it. Hydroxychloroquine comes with the usual laundry list [12] of dangerous side effects, while quercetin could help prevent [13] heart damage along with many other benefits.

Research indicates that many other natural medicines could help prevent or treat COVID-19.

More information can be found at our COVID 411 [29] page.

There’s a theme here. Low-cost, safe, and effective natural medicines are largely ignored by the government and the medical community, instead focusing on pharmaceutical treatments that can be more easily patented and made profitable for drug companies.

People are getting sick and dying. We cannot afford to ignore natural treatments that can save lives during and beyond this pandemic. This is the moment to bring this message to every legislator in America, both in Congress and at the state level. Will you help us do this? If every reader of this message takes action now, we can get legislators’ attention. This is the moment. Please help us.

Action Alert! Send a message to your state and federal representatives, telling them that there are vitally important nutritional strategies to deal with COVID. Please send your message immediately [30].

Read the full article at ANH-USA.org. [2]