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As DOJ Probes Big Tech Monopoly, They Also Use Big Tech to Remove Dozens of Websites Squelching Free Speech on Foreign Policy

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Big Tech’s censorship and squashing of free speech has been a hot topic during this 2020 election year, and as the public in the United States continues to be fixated on the current corporate news media’s non-stop coverage on the elections, election fraud, and Big Tech censorship, the DOJ is quietly shutting down websites right and left in their own censorship purge, shutting down websites that dare to publish a different narrative about Iran than the U.S. and Israeli narrative.

And they are teaming together with Google, Facebook, and Twitter to do it, according to the FBI: [1]

FBI Special Agent in Charge Craig D. Fair. “Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, the FBI was able to disrupt this Iranian propaganda campaign and we will continue to pursue any attempts by foreign actors to spread disinformation in our country.” (Source [1].)

Global Research, an independent news organization out of Canada, reports [2] that one of the websites seized and shut down was another independent news site in Canada, the American Herald Tribune (AHT).

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, President and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), and Editor of GlobalResearch.ca, wrote [3]:

We stand in firm support of The American Herald Tribune and Professor Anthony Hall, who has the courage to confront the US corporate media.

The tendency is towards online media censorship in derogation of the Rights to Free Speech. Google and Facebook are collaborating with the FBI in this endeavor.

Here is Anthony Hall’s response, the editor of The American Herald Tribune, regarding the censorship of their news site:

Our writers are from all over the world expressing themselves freely on a variety of issues as they see fit.

I have been Editor in Chief of AHT since its inception. AHT draws contributions from journalists of many backgrounds throughout the world.

We do have some contributors from Iran who express themselves as they wish. I have attended New Horizon conferences in Iran and most recently in Beirut a year ago. In this milieu I met many well-known journalists from throughout Europe and North America some of whom have contributed to AHT.

Editorially AHT is pro-peace and the contributors are overwhelmingly opposed to the intrigues of the anti-Iranian war hawks intent on invading the Islamic Republic. (Full article [3].)

Global Research also published an article [2] today from Dave DeCamp of Antiwar.com [4]

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on Wednesday that it seized 27 online domains [5], claiming the websites were controlled by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The DOJ seized the domains under the guise of enforcing US sanctions against Iran and the IRGC.

Wednesday’s announcement followed the seizure of 92 domains [6] in October that the DOJ also claimed were operated by Iran. The DOJ purports that the domains were being used to spread “Iranian propaganda” and “disinformation.”

The DOJ and the FBI work with US tech companies to make these seizures. “Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, the FBI was able to disrupt this Iranian propaganda campaign and we will continue to pursue any attempts by foreign actors to spread disinformation in our country,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Craig D. Fair said in a statement. [1]

Among the domains seized on Wednesday were four news websites the DOJ seized under the guise of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The claim against the websites is that they targeted US audiences without disclosing ties to a foreign government.

“Here, the four domains purported to be independent news outlets, but they were actually operated by or on behalf of the IRGC to target the United States with pro-Iranian propaganda in an attempt to covertly influence the American people to change United States policy concerning Iran and the Middle East,” the DOJ said.

One of the news sites taken down was the American Herald Tribune (AHT), a website whose editor in chief, Anthony Hall, is based in Canada [7]. It’s not clear how the US government decided that AHT or the other websites are affiliated with Iran.

Investigative journalist Gareth Porter wrote about social media censorship AHT has faced [8]. Porter’s report says the FBI encouraged Facebook, Instagram, and Google to remove or restrict ads on AHT.

In 2018, AHT’s Facebook page was deleted, and the outlets account on Facebook-run Instagram was also removed.

Read the full article at Global Research [2].

So much for the narrative that only Marxists are working with Big Tech to squelch free speech. Trump’s DOJ is doing the exact same thing, using Big Tech to censor information they don’t like, in clear violation of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Is the U.S. About to go to War with Iran?

So while the world’s attention is focused on the U.S. election results, are the U.S. and Israel about to start a war with Iran?

With very little coverage in either the corporate media or the alternative media, the Trump administration has recently brokered several “peace deals” between Israel and certain Sunni Muslim countries, something that is unprecedented in my lifetime, as almost all Arab nations in the past sided with the Palestinian cause, and would never enter into an alliance with Israel without some concessions regarding the Palestinian situation.

But Iran (mainly a Shiite Muslim country) must be feared so much by Israel, that these new “peace” deals may actually be a precursor to military action against Iran and other Shiite interests in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere.

Will the algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) quickly find this article mentioning Iran on Health Impact News and then tip off the DOJ to move to shut us down too?

The Globalists are moving fast to bring in their New World Order, and the “Great Reset [9],” and it seems they are pulling out all the stops now.

It is widely believed that as soon as a president is declared in the current elections, that widespread rioting and chaos will erupt in most major cities across the U.S.

If you continue to believe this is a fight about political ideologies, and Democrats versus Republicans, you are going to be focusing on the WRONG issues! Big Tech censorship, for example, is used by BOTH sides for their own purposes, as was just exposed.

The goal of both sides may very well be the furtherance of the police state, and Trump supporters, especially, seem to be playing right into their hands.

Many, including most in the alternative media, are practically begging Trump and his administration to “invoke the Resurrection Act,” where they believe the 14th Amendment gives Trump the authority to militarize the cities and take them over, should the Leftist/Marxist groups start rioting, looting, and killing people.

And if these groups end up not causing as much death and destruction as is wanted in our major urban areas, is Plan B a military attack against either Iran or China to provoke them to strike back? A strike back against the U.S. could make the Internet and power grid unstable, and have the same effect of chaos, looting, and killing in the major urban areas, giving the government an excuse to militarize our cities.

But for those of you wanting Trump to take over and militarize the cities, you may regret your wishes later on when these police state actions are implemented across the entire country, and then used to force the public into accepting any of the COVID mandates that will be put into place, including potentially mandatory vaccines.

This is ALREADY the stated plan and goal of “Operation Warp Speed,” where the U.S. military will help deploy any new COVID vaccines.

Sorry Q and Trump Supporters: Pedophiles Still Rule the World

Perhaps the biggest issue that will go unchanged regardless of who is crowned President of the United Sates, is the continued expansion of the marketing and trafficking of children by the pedophile Satanic Globalists.

In spite of the QAnon movement, nothing has changed as we draw near to the close of President Trump’s first term. Jeffrey Epstein and his buddies were never brought to justice, and it is business as usual in the child sex trafficking markets.

Here are some recent headlines you may have missed in all that time you have been spending reading and watching political news the past few weeks:

45 missing children found, 109 human trafficking survivors rescued in Ohio operation [10]

Child Abuse Allegations in the Behavioral-Psychiatric Industry: Universal Health Services (UHS) [11]

School Shocked as Cop Hit with 52 Charges Over Horrifying Sexual Torture of Children [12]

Whistleblower Exposes Vatican Sex Abuse Scandal [13]

The LDS Church Protects and Recycles Pedophiles [14]

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Some videos from a Bitchute Channel known as mgiancoli [15] that were recorded back in February this year have begun recirculating today, and I am glad, quite frankly, that this happened AFTER election day, so that no political motive can be attributed to them to try and affect the election results.

While I cannot verify the conclusions of these videos, the premises are backed by quite a few sources, and the conclusion is that Trump is surrounded by more pedophiles than Hillary Clinton is.

Since this is published on Bitchute, there’s a pretty good chance that they will withstand censorship pressure to be removed.

I am sure this will not sway the beliefs of those who love President Trump, but this is the “other side” presented that has not been published much, and is hard to find online.

As always, examine the evidence presented, and make up your own mind.



Whether true or not, my position remains the same. Salvation is not found in politicians.

The REAL battle is between God and Satan, and you want to be on God’s side, because that is the winning side.

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