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Study: Statin Drugs Only Lower Cholesterol to Levels Advertised in Less Than 50% of Patients

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Statins Work…for Less Than Half of Patients

by Alliance for Natural Health [2]

Want to flip a coin on your health?

Researchers assessing the effectiveness of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs found [3] that they didn’t work for 51% of the 165,000 patients studied (statins have to reduce LDL cholesterol levels by 40% after two years to be considered effective).

We’ve reported previously [4] about the many side effects and dangers of taking statins. We’ve also pointed out that conventional thinking supporting statins—lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol as a means of preventing cardiovascular disease—is outdated.

With one in four Americans over the age of 40 taking a statin, there are a lot of people out there spending money on a dangerous drug that is not providing any benefit.

Will doctors change their prescribing practices based on this information?

It doesn’t seem so. Statins make tens of billions of dollars a year for the drug industry, and the market is growing.

Statin use among adults over the age of 40 increased almost 80% [5] between 2002 and 2013.

Statins are used to lower cholesterol, which presumably lowers the risk of heart disease.

This ignores the fact that cholesterol is vital to human health [6]—in fact, the real danger is that our cholesterol levels can get too low as we age! Even so-called “bad” cholesterol is essential.

Here are some of the side effects you could be in for if you take a statin:

As always, please consult with a doctor (preferably integrative) before making changes to medications.

Read the full article at ANH-USA.org [2].