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Detox Your Liver with Homemade Lemon Water


Photo by Jeremiah Shilhavy – prepared by Marianita J. Shilhavy

by Marianita J. Shilhavy
Health Impact News

One of the drinks I routinely make for myself and my family in the mornings is lemon water. Not to be confused with “lemonade,” a sweetened beverage, lemon water is a detoxifying health drink consisting of nothing but one whole lemon and warm water.

Lemon water uses warm water by using cold and hot water together, as this will soften the lemon and allow more of the natural juices and oils to be released.

If you’re in for a long, physically taxing day and need extra insurance to stay hydrated, add a pinch of salt. It won’t change the flavor much and will keep your body hydrated and ensure that you are drinking enough to stay that way.

Much of the research on lemon water’s ability to detoxify the liver is centered around the antioxidant D-Limonene, which is more concentrated in the peel of the lemon. D-limonene has been shown to activate enzymes in the liver that lead to detoxification. It has also been shown to treat cancer.

Lemon Water

1 whole lemon (preferably organic)

3/4 liter cold water

1/4 liter hot water

pinch of salt (optional)

Juice lemon into a large glass jar and chop lemon remains into quarters, adding to the jar with the water and salt (if using). Let soak for 10 minutes. Leave the lemon in for increased potency the longer the drink sits.

Note: As soon as you add a sweetener to this, even a healthy one like honey, it is no longer a “health drink” but just a variety of a “lemonade” beverage. Because there is some natural sugar in the lemon juice, it is very satisfying as is. The more it soaks, however, the more it picks up the bitterness of the peels. But it is refreshing nevertheless, and good for your liver!


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