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Professor of Medicine and Cardiologist at Yale University School of Medicine says there is no Scientific Basis to Support Treating LDL Cholesterol

by Dr John Briffa
The Cholesterol Truth


Most medical professionals strongly believe that cholesterol causes heart disease and that treating ‘raised’ cholesterol and bringing it down to a so-called ‘healthy’ level is beneficial for us all. However, I’ve been sceptical about both these ideas for many years now. I’m not the only one, though, as quite a few individuals have expressed similar doubts about the ‘cholesterol hypothesis’. Because the cholesterol hypothesis is so firmly entrenched in so many people’s minds, and because dissenters are often from the fringes of (or outside) mainstream medicine, any scepticism is relatively easy to dismiss. I think. However, when someone from within the establishment expresses doubts, the impact can be that much greater.

And that’s why I was very interested to read an open letter expressing doubt about the wisdom of current cholesterol management strategies, co-authored by Harlan Krumholz, professor of medicine and cardiologist at the Yale University School of Medicine. The letter, which appeared in the journal Circulation [1], was written to the Adult Treatment Panel – a group of ‘experts’ charged with setting cholesterol guidelines for the American public. I don’t expect Professor Krumholz’s views to go down a storm with the medical community and certainly not the drug companies. But I think he should be applauded for standing up and telling what he believes is the truth, even if this flies in the face of conventional ‘wisdom’.

Read the Full Article and Comment here: http://www.thecholesteroltruth.com/cardiologist-speaks-out-against-current-chole [1]


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