EPA Approves Lab Infected Killer Mosquitoes to be Released into the Environment

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the use laboratory infected mosquitoes carrying the bacterium Wolbachia pipientis to be released into the wild. The laboratory-raised mosquitoes are meant to be a way to infect Asian Tiger mosquitoes, which are believed to carry harmful infectious diseases. The long term environmental consequences are unknown. Because mosquitoes are prey for birds and fish, the long-term effects on the greater ecosystem are unclear.

Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Deployed to Destroy Zika

Scientists are planning to release millions of man-made mosquitoes in Brazil and Colombia in 2017. The $18-million project, funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, involves mosquitoes that have been infected with Wolbachia bacteria, which stops viruses from growing inside the mosquito and therefore from being transmitted between people.

Will the U.S. Congress Gift over $1 Billion to Big Pharma on False Zika Epidemic?

The debate in Congress about Zika shouldn’t be about political preferences regarding the mechanism of spending money and controlling how it is actually spent, but should be about whether there is really a Zika threat and whether any money needs to be spent for that purpose. Sadly, that is not what is happening in Washington. The previous articles published by Health Impact News about the Zika virus clearly show that there is no causal relationship between Zika and microcephaly. There also might not actually be an epidemic of microcephaly or even an epidemic of Zika infection. A fantasy world about the Zika virus has been created by the World Health Organization, U.S. government officials, Big Pharma, and the conventional media who serves them; and now Congress is trying to decide whether they want to spend more than a billion dollars to support programs that have little connection to scientific reality. Will Congress submit to the agenda of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Big Pharma, which has already made the commitment to the development of a major Zika vaccination program, or will they wake up and realize that they are being scammed? Fortunately, the decision to fund Zika is on hold while Congress goes on break next week. This is the perfect time to contact your senators and your representative in the House, and tell them of your point of view about Zika.

Are we All Being Forced onto a Passenger Train Named Zika?

Everyday throughout America, dozens of articles appear in major newspapers warning about Zika. I don’t have time to read all the lies and intentionally deceptive propaganda published in these articles, but I do read some of the headlines, which tell a story all in themselves. These articles promote the agenda of various national and international organizations, and the system of Big Pharma that is controlling them. If we were to read the stories in major papers about Zika and believe them, we would conclude that Zika is an extremely dangerous virus – perhaps one of the most serious threats to our health since the 1918 flu and the polio epidemic in the 1950s. Of course, this is not true. The deception about Zika has recently reached an even higher level of bold-faced lying. So, here we sit on the Zika train watching headlines as we speed off into the future. Even though we haven’t been officially told where it is we are going, the chief engineer and his crew are fully aware of the destination.

Zika: A Real Threat or Another Hoax to Promote Medical Tyranny?

Microcephaly is 40 times more common in the U.S. than it is in Brazil. The Zika virus is clearly not the cause of microcephaly. So why are politicians and medical leaders creating this false Zika epidemic?

Dr. Brownstein on Zika Virus: No Panic Needed

I was waiting to comment on the Zika virus until more information comes to light, but I have decided to throw my two cents in. As most of you know, in Brazil, there is an epidemic of microcephaly—infants being born with tiny heads and many health problems associated with it. An astute doctor in Brazil first recognized the connection between microcephaly and the Zika virus. However, it is far from proven that the Zika virus is causing microcephaly. I do not think Zika is causing the epidemic of microcephaly in Brazil. The reason I do not think Zika is causing this epidemic is that Zika has been around for a long time—why has microcephaly suddenly become an epidemic in Brazil? Let’s hope that the CDC doesn’t pour all its energy into making a vaccine against Zika until it is proven to be the cause of this epidemic.