Study: Topical Coconut Mixture a Better Treatment for Wounds and Bacterial Infections

Here is yet another study showing the superiority of coconut oil in healing skin problems. This confirms what other studies have found, and what thousands of people have testified to, regarding the ability of coconut oil to heal skin problems when drugs fail.

Coconut Oil Baby Care Recipes

The number of chemicals our children are exposed to on a daily basis is scary! Reduce your chemical exposure when you make your own All-Natural Baby Care Recipes at home, using Coconut Oil.

Pain Relieving Coconut Oil Arnica Salve Recipe

Many commercial pain relieving salves are made with a petroleum base. With the harmful effects of petroleum on our bodies, making our own pain relieving arnica salve at home keeps us safe from chemicals and is much easier than you would expect! This easy recipe uses a base of coconut oil to help soothe away those aches and pains!

Homemade Coconut Milk Shampoo and Body Wash

by Jessica Espinoza

For anyone who wants to live a healthier life and reduce their exposure to toxins, the first place to look is at our health and beauty products. Commercial products like shampoos, body washes, and soaps are often loaded with toxic chemicals that, with long-term exposure, can create a variety of health problems.

Finding […]