Medical Tyranny in Action in Oregon: Doctor and Senator wants Medical Freedom for herself, but Not Oregon Citizens

At a recent public hearing in Oregon to discuss a new proposed law to take away informed consent and the ability of parents to refuse vaccines for religious and philosophical objections, attorney Robert Snee pointed out that the American Medical Association's own code of ethics allowed for religious and philosophical objections to vaccines among doctors. The sponsor of the bill in Oregon to take away parental rights to make these medical decisions for their children is also a doctor. When attorney Snee pointed out an article published in the American Academy of Family Physicians by the sponsor of bill, where she disagreed with her doctor and rejected his advice regarding a drug she was taking while breastfeeding her new born child, the hearing became quite interesting. The Oregon Senator and doctor who has sponsored this bill was sitting directly across from the attorney, and she became quite agitated. She basically argued that she had a right to make a "personal decision" for her and her baby based on her own research, which disagreed with the doctor who was a specialist in this area. She was angry at the attorney for bringing this matter up, but the attorney replied that he and other citizens of Oregon simply wanted the freedom to make the same medical decisions for their families. Medical tyranny in action in Oregon: watch it in this video.

Big Processed Food Companies and GMO Seed Companies Spend Millions to Stop GMO Labeling

Voters in Oregon and Colorado will soon decide if genetically modified foods should be required to carry a label informing consumers that they are buying GMOs. If you live in either Oregon or Colorado, click on the appropriate Right to Know logo above to get more information. GMO seed companies and processed food companies have spent millions of dollars on negative campaigning in each of these two states to try and prevent these ballet measures from passing.

Oregon wants to Map GMO Farms, but Biotech Companies Refuse to Reveal Locations of GMO Fields

Kristina Bravo of is reporting that the State of Oregon is trying to take action to map GMO fields to protect their non-GMO and organic industry. Oregon has been hit especially hard in this area, as an Oregon farmer last year found an unapproved GMO variety of wheat growing in his field. This immediately resulted in several countries around the world that import U.S. wheat putting a halt on U.S. shipments due to their total ban on GMO wheat, hurting the export market for non-GMO wheat, such as the varieties grown in Oregon and Washington. Most of the world market has restrictions or out right bans on GMO products. Gov. John Kitzhaber is directing the State’s agriculture department to chart where genetically modified crops are grown, so non-GMO farmers can plan accordingly and seek to minimize the damage from cross contamination. However, producers of GMO seeds such as Monsanto and Syngenta do not publicly disclose their field locations. These companies repeat the USDA assertion that GMO farmers and non-GMO farmers can "co-exist" and that mapping is not necessary. Polls show that an overwhelming majority of American consumers want GMO products labeled, and producers of GMO products fully understand that if their products are labeled as GMO in the market place, consumers will not buy them. In addition, most of the rest of the world will not import them. Apparently the U.S. Government and the Biotech industry have taken it upon themselves to decide what is best for America and the rest of the world, and have no qualms with polluting the entire U.S. agricultural system with their genetically modified products.

Oregon Citizens Overwhelming Vote to Enforce Ban on Cultivation of GMO Crops

I think the citizens of Jackson County in Oregon have taken the right approach towards GMOs: forget about trying to force companies to label them, just ban them outright! Despite the flood of corporate money poured into two small Oregon counties, local residents voted to ban genetically engineered crops from being planted within their borders. Although Jackson County itself is home to less than 120,000 registered voters, the measure to ban genetically modified crops (GMOs) made headlines around the nation when it was revealed that large biotech companies like Monsanto were pouring about 1 million dollars into the area in order to affect the vote’s outcome.

Farmer Fights Back: Sues State of Oregon For Ban on Free Speech in Advertising Raw Milk

An Oregon raw milk farmer is fighting back against Big Dairy and the state of Oregon for limiting her free speech. The state of Oregon allows limited sales of raw milk from the farm. Based on a law passed in 1999, if a farmer has 3 or less dairy cows, with no more than two lactating, they can sell raw milk directly to the public. Yet, in spite of these tight restrictions, the Oregon Dairy Farmers Association pushed for even more restrictions last year. So while it is still currently legal to sell raw milk from a 2-cow dairy farm, it is a criminal offense if you advertise your product. If a raw milk dairy farm even publishes the cost of their product online, they can face a year in jail and $6,250 in fines. All Oregon farmers who sell milk on the farm directly to consumers are prohibited from advertising the milk online, in fliers, via email or on signs. Being faced with the possibility of going out of business, Christina decided to fight back, with the help of the Institute for Justice, a civil liberties law firm based out of Alrington Virginia. This week they filed a suit against the Oregon Department of Agriculture in U.S. District Court in Portland, claiming farmers' Constitutional rights to free speech are being violated.