Oklahoma Mom Gives Legal Cannabis Oil to Epileptic Daughter to Stop Seizures – Now all 5 Children Medically Kidnapped

Advocacy for effective medical treatment of her epileptic daughter has led to the medical kidnapping of an Oklahoma homeschool mom's 5 children. When ordinary medical treatments failed to help her child, Tammy Searcy learned that cannabis oil might be able to help her daughter's life-threatening seizures. She was not willing to break any laws, so she worked to change laws in her state. Only after medical cannabis use became legal did she begin treatment for 14 year old Brianna, and the results were almost miraculous. Now, all 5 of Tammy's children have been seized by Child Protective Services, and many believe that this was retaliation for her activism. Her children have been separated and Tammy fears for their safety. Brianna's health has declined sharply, and social workers want to force-vaccinate her children.

Oklahoma Vetos Informed Consent to Vaccines Bill Denying Citizens Their Medical Rights

Oklahoma Bill 3016 — called the Parental Rights Immunization Act —would have required healthcare providers to get informed consent from parents or guardians before administering a vaccine. In addition, the bill would legally require the healthcare provider to “provide relevant information regarding benefits and risks of the vaccine as well as information concerning the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.” Finally, the bill would require healthcare providers to make available for review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases: Vaccine Excipient and Media Summary" (also known as the "Pink Book," Appendix B) Program. The bill was vetoed by Governor Mary Fallin on April 29. The bill and her veto represent a failed opportunity to begin to restore the U.S. healthcare system’s integrity. In addition, the fact a bill is even required — and then vetoed — speaks to how far medicine has already fallen down the slippery slope towards full pharmaceutical company control of the U.S. healthcare system and political decision making.

Oklahoma City Parents Lose Their 2 Children to CPS Due to “Shaken Baby” Allegation

An Oklahoma City couple has lost both of their children to CPS after taking their son to the hospital. He was injured while playing in a "bouncy chair," according to the parents. The father was accused of "abuse," and their parental rights were severed when a court appointed attorney allegedly did not put up much of a defense in their trial. The parents have a new attorney now, and are appealing their case in the hopes that the children will not be adopted out of foster care. The parents have not seen their babies Aleck and Mariposa since they were taken under state supervision on February 17, 2015.

Cleared of Criminal Charges, Yet Infant Taken Away from Family for Failure to Thrive

They kicked her out of the hospital and took her baby away from her over a month ago. She hasn't seen her since. They won't even tell her where her daughter is. Jamie Martin took her baby Hope to the hospital because she and the doctors were concerned about Hope not gaining weight, no matter what they tried. Instead of finding answers, she lost her baby and she is devastated. Now DHS of Oklahoma is trying to terminate Jamie's parental rights to her baby girl. "I have done nothing wrong to my baby. She is my miracle child. I need my daughter back!" Jamie Martin is the typical girl-next-door in America's heartland. She workes as a substitute teacher in her local elementary school. She volunteers and is on the board of a tornado disaster relief organization. Her 8 year old son was thrilled when he found out that he was going to be a big brother. Yet now Jamie has found herself in the middle of every parent's worst nightmare - her baby has been taken away from her.

Oklahoma Takes 3 Children Away from Parents When One is Found with Possible Brittle Bone Disease

April and Joshua Whinery report that they won't ever give up fighting for their children whom they say were medically kidnapped by DHS in Oklahoma. According to Joshua, it started "all because I took my child to the hospital." Degenerative bone disease runs in his family, yet the couple was accused of abuse. Though the family has repeatedly asked for him to be tested, DHS has allegedly refused to allow the test, attempting instead to terminate all of the couple's parental rights. The last they heard, Hazel, who is almost 5 now, was praying every morning and night to be able to see her parents. It has been almost a year now since the Whinerys have been permitted to see their kids. All visits were cut off last March with Hazel, Travis, 3 1/2, and Aiden, who turned 2 in December. DHS reportedly told the family: "You're never going to get your kids back, so it is best to cut it off now and get the kids in counseling."