Toxic Mold Whistleblower Fears for Her Life: “I Exposed One of the Biggest Frauds in America and it Continues to be Hidden”

This is the second half of the story about whistle-blower Sharon Kramer, mold warrior, courageous truth teller, and compassionate friend to those who have been made sick by moldy buildings. It is the story of how a corrupt judicial system in California has allegedly complied with those she is trying to expose, by putting her in jail and threatening to commit her to a psych ward in order to silence her. "It has been a very heavy burden for me to carry for 14 years to know that I exposed one of the biggest frauds in America and it continues to be hidden. I'm not kidding when I say that I live my life in fear every day until the criminal case fixing in San Diego that keeps the fraud going is brought to public light. The courts are the people who are supposed to be protecting the public from crimes and injustice. Instead, they are the people who are perpetrating crimes to keep injustice from being seen. I honestly think that my being framed for libel was part of an intentional plan to commit mass insurance fraud throughout the United States and it is intentionally purposed to cause people who are sick and need help to not be able to get it. People have died from this."

One Woman’s Relentless Pursuit of the Truth as a Toxic Mold Whistle-blower

This is the story of Sharon Kramer, mold warrior, courageous truth teller, and compassionate friend to those who have been made sick by moldy buildings. It is a story about how scientists were hired to prepare two reports designed to prove that long-term indoor mold exposure does not harm human health, and how judicial corruption has protected that faulty science from being discredited. It is the story of how the legal system has been used as a weapon to try to silence Sharon Kramer for telling the truth about judicial corruption in California and for talking about the practice of toxicology experts who testify in mold trials without disclosing the fact that they wrote the position papers they use to support their testimony.

Are You Suffering from Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome? How Junk Science and Corrupt Judges Hide Mold Toxicity from the Public

Indoor mold can be extremely harmful to many people – even life-threatening. Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is a diagnosable medical condition that results from exposure to water-damaged buildings. It is a chronic immune system reaction that is caused by inflammation. In short, people become seriously ill when they are exposed to water-damaged buildings where there are fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes, and mycobacteria. These living organisms are not the whole problem -- it is also the toxic chemicals (biotoxins) these organisms produce. The biotoxins they produce include: inflammagens from fungal fragments; beta glucans, mannans, hemolysins, spriocyclic drimanes, and microbial volatile organic compounds. These toxic substances cause illness in people whose bodies are unable to control inflammatory responses, who have genetic susceptibility, and who have abnormal inflammatory events when they are exposed. If we know so much about the risks of developing CIRS from spending extended amounts of time in moldy buildings, and we know how buildings become moldy, then why does mold related illness (CIRS) remain controversial and off the radar screen of most conventional physicians and federal policy makers in the United States? The answer is simple. A propaganda campaign was implemented in 2001 to “teach” physicians and to “educate” judges that mold in water-damage buildings could never reach a level that would be harmful to human health. The Insurance industry and the building construction industry were the primary beneficiaries of the campaign.