Alabama’s New “Midwife Decriminalization Bill” Actually does the Opposite: It Criminalizes Traditional Midwives

On the final day of Alabama's legislative session, Alabama lawmakers passed HB315, the "midwife decriminalization bill." After an amendment was added by Senator Paul Bussman of Cullman, it actually became a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) licensure bill, and it was placed on Governor Kay Ivey's desk at 9:04 pm Friday night for her signature. There are a number of problematic issues with this amendment, but this is the most serious for birthing mothers in Alabama: Women wanting VBACs (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) are excluded from access to a legal homebirth in Alabama with the newly legalized CPMs. On page 11 of the final bill, which includes the Bussman amendment, VBAC is defined as being "outside the scope of the licensed practice of midwifery." According to a recent Consumers Report, 90% of women who had a first C-section will end up with a repeat cesarean. Often women who want to have a good chance at a VBAC choose homebirth with a midwife, because the chances of a successful VBAC are much greater in a homebirth setting. Thanks to Alabama's new midwife law, that is no longer an option.

Newborn Baby Kidnapped from Alabama Hospital After Parents Decline Birth Certificate and SSN

Theirs was a spiritual journey of getting back to nature and rejecting the materialism that they felt held them in bondage. Christian and Danielle Holm began their journey together in early 2016 as itinerant missionaries, traveling across the country and speaking to churches as they sought to live simply and biblically. The last thing that they expected was for Child Protective Services to seize their 1 day old baby literally off of his mother's breast in an Alabama hospital. What started out as an apparent case of mistaken identity has turned into a nightmare that the family cannot wake up from. They don't understand why their baby was taken from them, or why he still remains in state custody in foster care while social workers continue to challenge their religious beliefs. Hospital officials allegedly became originally concerned when the couple refused to file a birth certificate or take out a social security card for their newborn child, prompting social services and local law enforcement to get involved. According to a close family friend who contacted Health Impact News, the couple are grieving. "The most sacred thing to Danielle and Christian is the bond of male and female coming together and giving life with God. This bonding process in the beginning of a baby's life has been stolen from them. There was never any reason for their baby to be taken from them." Instead of beginning life on his mother's breast milk, the newborn baby is now being force-fed commercial formula.

What If Home Birth Is Actually SAFER Than Hospital Birth?

Jennifer Lang, M.D., a highly skilled surgeon and obstetrician, chose to deliver 2 of her 3 children at her home in Southern California. Lang says home is where she felt safest and most relaxed. “I had an expert midwife who kept meticulous records of her outcomes,” Lang explains. “I’ve never seen an obstetrician at the first prenatal visit hand over their complete list of how many thousands of births they had done, what their overall C-section rate was, how many complications they had, what the complications were. My midwife did that for me and I felt incredibly safe in her hands. Her statistics were far better than any of the OBs I’d ever met, or even my own.”

“Business of Being Born” Explores Midwife-Attended Home Births

The documentary “Business of Being Born” shows many advantages of the home birth experience over hospital birthing. A massive new study of almost 17,000 midwife-attended low-risk home births found them safer across the board than hospital births. Obstetric interventions often trigger a cascade of labor complications as they interfere with a woman’s natural biological labor processes.

British Government Health Authorities: Doctors Not Needed at Births

Giving birth at home or in a midwife-led unit is safer than the labour ward for most women, according to radical new NHS advice. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) said thousands more babies could be born without doctors being present, under new guidance on childbirth.

Obscene Increase In Maternal Mortality Rates In The United States

In most of the world, the number of women dying in childbirth is decreasing, but the United States is one of eight countries in the world where the maternal mortality rate is going up, not down, according to the newest figures. In fact, the US is rock bottom of the developing nations of the world in maternal mortality – #60 out of 180 nations included in the statistics. And that is unacceptable.

The Myth of A Safer Hospital Birth for Low Risk Pregnancies

Is Hospital birth ever safer than homebirth for low risk women? The answer is an unequivocal 'no’.

Midwives Say Birthing Centers Could Cut C-Section Rates and Save Billions


by Bonnie Rochman
Time Health & Family

If more pregnant women delivered their babies at midwife-led birth centers, the nation’s C-section rate would go down and cost savings would go up, reversing the current twin trend of rising health care expenditures and numbers of cesarean deliveries.

That’s the conclusion reached in a study conducted by the American Association of […]

The Need for Midwives: U.S. Maternity-Care Crisis

by Ina May Gaskin
The Daily Beast
Ask your average American what a midwife is and you’ll probably get a puzzled stare in return. Midwife? Isn’t that a kind of witch doctor, discarded by society with the dawn of modern medicine? Do midwives still exist today?
They do, of course—and I am living proof. Midwives have attended women […]

In Praise of Midwives: Having a Baby Is Not an Illness

by Nancy Cronk
The Huffington Post

There is a bill in the CO State Senate that brings back a flood of emotion for me. Senate Bill 088 re-authorizes midwives to practice a profession that has been in existence since time began — assisting others in the natural process of becoming parents. The bill would […]