Michigan Department of Health Tracking Student Vaccination Status in Violation of Federal Law

The group Michigan for Vaccine Choice has sent a letter to parents in Michigan informing them that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) are violating federal law (FERPA) by transferring private medical records about minor children, without the consent of their parents, regarding each student's vaccination status into a vaccine tracking database.

Teen Girls Abused in State Care in Michigan Seized Again in Florida After Insurance Refuses to Cover Treatment

A battle to get insurance to cover necessary medical care for teenage sisters with bulimia nervosa has ended up with those teens being taken by Child Protective Services in Florida. Their mother is asking how it can be that an insurance company is able to direct CPS to remove children from their homes. The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) has accused Laura Dalton of "medical neglect," but the evidence provided to Health Impact News demonstrates that she is a dedicated mother who has been working tirelessly to secure the proper treatment for her daughters. In fact, one of the twins was seized from the hospital, where her mother had taken her the week before due to her dangerously low blood pressure and pulse. The twins have suffered eating disorders after they were put into foster care in Michigan, where they were allegedly abused. They were healthy girls prior to that time, but as a penalty for allegedly smoking marijuana one time, they were removed from their home, and that is when their real problems began. Both girls almost died in state care in Michigan, before their mother was able to get them back home. Once home, their mother looked for help for their eating disorders, and eventually found treatment options for them in Florida. Statistics show that children who have been in foster care are 7 times more likely to develop bulimia and other eating disorders. Foster children are more likely to develop PTSD than veterans of war. But now, after being recommended for a treatment plan that has showed great promise for the girls, their insurance will not cover it, and the mom has been reported to CPS for medical neglect. One of the twins was immediately seized from the hospital, as the family's nightmare has begun all over again.

Mother Faces Jail for Defying Judge’s Order to Vaccinate her Son

A metro Detroit mother is facing jail time for defying a judge's order forcing her to vaccinate her child. Rebecca Bredow is not anti-vaccine; she consented to have her son vaccinated in the past, but was concerned about giving him too many vaccines at one time. Her ex-husband agreed with her at the time, but now he has allegedly changed his mind, and sought a court order to force her to vaccinate their son. Rebecca is the primary care giver of the child. Judge Karen D. MacDonald has ordered the child to be vaccinated, and has allegedly threatened the mother with being put in jail for failing to comply. Speaking to reporters with WXYZ in Detroit, Rebecca states that she prefers sitting behind bars than forcing her son to receive so many vaccines.

13 Year Old Girl’s Menstrual Periods Stop After Gardasil HPV Vaccine

The VAXXED film crew interviewed a family in Michigan where the 15 year old daughter spoke and told about her difficulties after receiving the Gardasil HPV vaccines at age 13. She was an avid volley ball athlete before the vaccine, but soon became unable to compete. Her menstrual periods also stopped after taking the vaccine.

CPS Kidnapped Michigan Twins Return Home – In Worse Shape Than When the State Took Them

In a dramatic turn of events, Michigan twins Abbie and Alexis Odonnell have been returned home to their family. In July, the family court told the teens' family that they were considering sending them to a facility in Boystown, Nebraska, and their family feared for their safety. (See story here.) All contact had been cut off between the twins and their mother Laura Odonnell, and there was a difficult 6 week period when Laura had no word about the twins at all. The situation looked hopeless. But now the girls are home. However, nothing prepared Laura for the condition that her twins were in when they were returned to her.

Kidnapped Twins in Michigan Physically Abused: Being Shipped out of State to Destroy Family Ties

Laura Odonnell was shocked to see her 15 year old daughter Alexis arrived to court with a huge bruise on her face. Both twins show signs of being abused in state custody. The Odonnell twins just want to go home and be together as a family again, but on Friday July 29th Judge Elwood Brown has approved a request from the state to send the Michigan teens to a juvenile facility in Boys Town, Nebraska. When Alyssa, 17, learned that her sisters were going to be sent 19 hours away from home for the next 4 years, she stormed out of the courtroom, visibly upset. For that, a bailiff threatened her with a tazer. The Odonnell children were healthy before they were taken into state custody 2 years ago after allegedly trying marijuana. They were having a bit of difficulty adjusting to a new school, but the pot incident started a snowball of state intervention which keeps getting worse. Now, the twins are reportedly on a suicide watch, and are spending almost every hour of the day in isolation. They never had any psychiatric or mental health concerns before entering state custody, but now Abbie has anorexia and Alexis has bulimia. Abbie seems to be turning the trauma inward, but Alexis, always the bolder of the two, is very angry and has been having meltdowns. Little wonder. Every time there is hope of coming home and being together again, their hopes are dashed. Laura wonders how they are going to hold on.

Formerly Healthy Twins Now Wasting Away in Michigan Care for 2 Years After Allegedly Trying Marijuana

The Odonnell twins were healthy teenage girls before they went into Michigan state custody 2 years ago at the age of 13. They were talented athletes who participated in national cheerleading and gymnastic competitions. Now, their mother is literally afraid for their lives. Laura Dalton reports that her girls are very ill, but the state seems to be neglecting their medical care. Since they were taken from their home, Abbie has developed anorexia, and Alexis has bulimia - both serious eating disorders that are wreaking catastrophic damage on their bodies. They got into some trouble, but their family wants to know when the state of Michigan will stop punishing them. Their time away from home and from each other has taken a huge emotional and physical toll on the twins. However, instead of working to get them the help they need, the state seems intent on punishing them even more. At the last court hearing, Laura was told that the girls are to be sent to a facility in Boys Town, Nebraska. All visitation has been cut off, and she is no longer being given information about their condition. Laura is terrified for her daughters, who are now 15 years old. What she wants more than anything is for them to get the medical care they need.

Thomas More Law Center Files Federal Lawsuit Against Michigan for Denying Parental Rights to Vaccine Exemptions

The Thomas More Law Center (“TMLC”), a national nonprofit public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, MI, has filed a federal lawsuit against State and County officials and employees seeking to stop a State-sponsored religious inquisition of parents who have religious objections to State vaccination requirements. TMLC brought the law suit on behalf of Tara Nikolao, a devout Catholic, registered nurse, and mother of four. Mrs. Nikolao objects to vaccines manufactured from aborted fetal cells and other vaccines on religious grounds. Her lawsuit claims that government employees violate the Free Exercise and Establishment Clauses of the First Amendment, the religious protections in Michigan’s Constitution, and a Michigan statute when they subject parents to detailed interrogation about their religious beliefs. When Mrs. Nikolao explained that she had a religious objection to vaccines, the health department employees demanded that Mrs. Nikolao explain her actual reason for objecting. Despite Mrs. Nikolao’s repeated insistence in the face of berating questions from State employees that her personal religious beliefs did not allow her to vaccinate her children—a belief that the Michigan legislature enacted a statute to protect,—the health department employees would not accept her religious objection and insisted that no religions object to vaccines. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (“MDHHS”) instructs local health department employees to implement this religious examination and inculcation by providing county employees with a document to “teach” parents their faith. The document entitled “Religion” is used as a tool by county health departments to coerce and trick parents with religious objections to vaccines into vaccinating their children.

Michigan Family Court Judge Found to have Abused Power on the Bench in Parental Custody Cases

A controversial Michigan family court judge has been found to have abused her power on the bench. The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission has found that Judge Lisa Gorcyca abused her contempt of court power when she sentence three children from the Tsimhoni family to juvenile hall for contempt of court after they refused to have lunch with their father. All three stated repeatedly that their father was an abuser, a charge their father, Omer Tsimhoni, denied.

Michigan Forces Mom of Medically Kidnapped Teen to Sleep in Car – Issues Gag Order to Keep Story out of the Media

Wednesday was a very disappointing day for a medically kidnapped teenager in Michigan and her family. Leiani McMichael, her mother Rebecca Campos-Santana, their family, and supporters all over the nation hoped that the Oakland County Family Court would allow this family to be reunited at last. Their hopes were dashed when this did not happen, and Rebecca is now being gagged from speaking out about the injustice that her family continues to experience. This hearing and gag order is the latest development in a heartbreaking story that began when previously healthy 16 year old Leiani became sick in February 2015. She had numerous doctors appointments and tests to find out what was causing her abdominal pain. One surgery left her in worse shape than she was before. When a hospital gave her medicines to which she was allergic, the mishap left her in a coma. Instead of acknowledging the mistakes, Leiani was accused of making it all up. She was labeled with "conversion disorder," and her mother was accused of Munchausen by proxy, and later "medical neglect." A judge ordered Leiani to be reunited with her family earlier this year, but only on the condition that her mother move out of their home. With all available funds going to pay for attorneys, there was nothing left over to pay for a hotel. As a result, Leiani's mother sleeps in her truck, even during the cold Michigan winter.