Same Doctor Behind Two Wrongly Convicted Shaken Baby Cases in Massachusetts

Dr. Alice Newton, the Medical Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Child Protection Program, is back in the news. Dr. Newton gained attention in the media in 2014 during the Justina Pelletier medical kidnapping case when she used the designation of "medical child abuse" to take Justina away from her parents. Justina's parents were not happy with the treatment of Justina, and had sought a second opinion, more consistent with their regular doctor. In this report from WCVB in Boston, two people who were accused of "Shaken Baby Syndrome" by Dr. Alice Newton have allegedly had their charges dropped after being wrongly convicted on false evidence. Dr. Newton is part of a recently created pediatric specialty that looks for medical child abuse. Some would say that these specialists must find medical abuse to justify their positions, and that they often are quick to make judgments without considering other evidence.

18 Year Old Massachusetts Girl Medically Kidnapped & Abused Now Fights Adult Protective Services to Remain Free

Our first story earlier this year about Elissa Maple was a sad story given to us by her mother Karen. Her mother reported how the State medically kidnapped her 16 year old daughter Elissa, drugged her, and held her in a mental facility against the wish of both Elissa and her family. Elissa reported that she was repeatedly drugged against her consent, and sexually abused while in the custody of the State. The facility holding Elissa wanted her to sign papers that would give them custody of Elissa beyond her 18th birthday on July 1, 2015. Fortunately, a judge agreed with Elissa and her family, and ordered her released. Elissa is happy to be back again with her family, but it is a happiness intertwined with fear, as Massachusetts Adult Protective Services is now trying to take over custody of Elissa.

Vermont Teen Forcibly Drugged and Incarcerated By DCF Wants to Come Home for 18th Birthday

A judge has ruled that Vermont teen Elissa Maple be returned home on her 18th birthday, which is July 1, but DCF is fighting the ruling, even allegedly attempting bribery of the teenager to get her to voluntarily sign over her rights on her birthday. If she does so, they can keep her in the system for an additional 3 years. Elissa has spent the last year and a half being held against her will in a Massachusetts mental health facility, and has been forced to consume a cocktail of unwanted drugs. With her release date just one month away, Elissa has reported to her mother, Karen, that the people at the hospital have promised her photography classes, money, and a number of free services if she will voluntarily sign herself in to their system, programs that Karen says she would be able to get anyway, even out from under their care. Karen reports that the hospital staff has begun taking Elissa out to eat dinner on most nights, and has taken her to the zoo and the mall, all while on a cocktail of psychiatric drugs, in an apparent attempt to bribe her to sign away her rights. If she does so, Karen says that they will have complete control over her daughter.

Feds Order Baby Returned After Massachusetts Kidnaps Baby Due to Mother’s Disability

In an unprecedented move, the federal government has ordered the Department of Children and Families to return a child to her mother. And on Tuesday, we are hearing for the first time directly from the child's family about their 2-year battle with the department. FOX25's Investigative Reporter Kerry Kavanaugh examines allegations the state discriminated against this young mother because of her disability. A newborn girl had yet to leave the hospital when DCF decided the 19-year-old mother, with an intellectual disability, was incapable of caring for her. The mother is publicly known by the pseudonym, Sara Gordon. Her battle to get her baby back is now seen as a victory for people with disabilities.

Another Medical Kidnapping at Boston Children’s Hospital: Baby Seized Over Formula Disagreement

Unable to pump enough breast milk for her prematurely born baby, the search began for an appropriate formula to feed baby Bella. Finding one that worked, they took their baby home in Alabama. A trip back to Massachusetts, their former resident state, to gather belongings and visit family members resulted in difficulties in finding the same formula they had used in Alabama. They found one that the baby tolerated, but a visit to the local WIC office in Massachusetts put them at odds with a pediatrician who insisted on changing her formula, one that baby Bella did not do well with as her weight allegedly began to decline. The parents decided to go back to Alabama immediately, to be with a pediatrician who was using the right formula. But Massachusetts DCF followed their case to Alabama, contacting Alabama DHR. Alabama DHR investigated the family, and cleared them after seeing how well the baby was doing. But this was not good enough for Massachusetts DCF, which allegedly threatened the family with criminal charges if they did not return to Massachusetts. The frightened family complied, and their baby girl was put into Boston Children's Hospital, where they soon lost custody. Now, Massachusetts DCF is planning to adopt out baby Bella.

Vermont Teen Drugged Against Her Will, Held in Custody in Massachusetts Mental Health Facility

"I'm just literally here as a hostage. I didn't do anything. I haven't harmed anyone. I haven't harmed myself, and they won't let me go home. I just want to go home to my mom, so I can have my life back. They took it from me. They are drugging me up every single day against my will." This is the heartfelt plea recorded by a homeschooled American teenager being held in a mental health facility in Massachusetts against her will and that of her family in Vermont.

Herdshare Bill Needs Support in Massachusetts

The Little Dairy Herd on Joshua’s Farm
Steep Snow Caused Thyme (center) to Climb into Hay Rack, the farmer shooed her out, as it is not her bed, but her dinner.

America’s Tiniest Dairy Farm is at Risk, Who Will Speak Out for Joshua’s Farm?
by Kimberly Hartke, Publicist, The Campaign for Real Milk
The bill presented by Massachusetts […]