Is the Ketogenic Diet the Cure for Multiple Diseases?

The ketogenic diet was developed at John Hopkins hospital in the 1920s as a natural cure for epilepsy, when drugs failed. It is a high fat diet restricting carbohydrates. The diet fell out of favor during the anti-saturated fat campaign started in the U.S. and codified into official government dietary advice in the 197os as a result of the McGovern Report. It is still official government dietary policy today, due to the influence of the vegetable oil industry which produces their products from the highly subsidized corn and soy crops. The Ketogenic Diet in some form or another has been labeled by many different names in recent times, and started gaining traction again with Dr. Atkins and the low-carb fad diets that became popular about 8 to 10 years ago. Today's latest fad diet, the "paleo diet" is another example of a diet based on the ketogenic principles. This diet is not new, however, as it was seen as a therapeutic diet that produced better results than drugs in treating epilepsy way back in the 1920s. Today, the diet is being studied in the medical community with applications to all kinds of diseases. Of course, most of the medical interest in the diet is to try and develop a line of "ketone" drugs to mimic the diet. Ketones, which our body can produce during fasting or "starvation," are an alternative energy source for those who are insulin resistant. Insulin resistance is increasingly being seen as a major cause of many diseases. As a result, the research that is starting to be published on the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet in curing disease is nothing less than amazing. This study is a survey of the diet's use in a variety of neurological diseases.

Using the High Fat Ketogenic Diet to Heal Brain Tumors

Some of the most exciting research regarding the ketogenic diet has been in its use against cancer. This research is showing that a high-fat low-carbohydrate diet can starve cancer cells. In this study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the ketogenic diet was applied to brain tumors.

Gluten-free Ketogenic Diet with MCTs Reverses Autism and Eliminates Seizures

The ketogenic diet was developed at John Hopkins hospital in the 1920s as a natural cure for epilepsy, where drugs failed. Today, the diet therapy is coming back into favor, as much research has been published about the long-term safety of the diet, as well as researching debunking the saturated-fat-is-bad dogma. In this study done at Massachusetts General Hospital, the diet was modified to also be gluten-free and casein-free, using medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) instead of butter and cream for the fat source. Coconut oil is nature's must abundant source of MCTs after human breast milk. The results of this modified diet in one girl's life was that it reversed autism and stopped seizures.

How To Cure Breast Cancer with a Modified Ketogenic Diet

Elaine Cantin was diagnosed with breast cancer and within one week was rushed into have a surgical lumpectomy. Doctors wanted to immediately begin 'aggressive' radiation and chemotherapy and this idea frightened Elaine, as she had seen many family members and friends die from similar treatments. Elaine said, "I thought that if I had to go, I would not be going that way." Within six months the tumor had regrown in the original spot to the size of a small egg. Elaine did extensive research and testing with the ketogentic diet used at the John Hopkins Medical Center. She modified the diet to exclude dairy and other allergens, and once on this modified version of the diet, her tumor shrunk to the size of a chickpea in only two weeks! A biopsy of the 'tumor' revealed NO CANCER present.

Ketogenic Diet May Be Key to Cancer Recovery

By Dr. Mercola

To some, a ketogenic diet amounts to nothing less than a drug-free cancer treatment. The diet calls for eliminating carbohydrates, replacing them with healthy fats and protein.

The premise is that since cancer cells need glucose to thrive, and carbohydrates turn into glucose in your body, then cutting out carbs literally starves the […]

Starving Cancer: The High-fat Ketogenic Diet

Health Impact News Editor Comments: CBN has a winner in Lorie Johnson! Lorie did a wonderful report on Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s last year (See: CBN Reports on Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s), and now has followed up with a wonderful report and interview with Pat Robertson on the benefits of the ketogenic diet, and how […]

5 Medical Doctors with Gary Taubes and Robb Wolf Discuss Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
In this video from Specialty Health, you can listen to a panel discussion with five medical doctors, Gary Taubes, and Robb Wolf regarding the problem of insulin resistance and the damaging effects of a high carbohydrate diet on Alzheimer’s Disease, and how coconut oil can be effective in treating Alzheimer’s Disease.
The […]

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease: The News is Spreading

The news about how effective coconut oil is in treating Alzheimer's Disease is spreading fast, as the failure of drugs in treating Alzheimer's are widely documented in the mainstream media. Brian Shilhavy takes a look at the research and testimonials regarding coconut oil and Alzheimer's.

Ketogenic Diet for Remission in Type 1 Diabetes

by By Sally Roman

Health-e-Solutions comment: Just so we are clear, the title of this article is not mine. It is the authors. I like it, but this is not a study that proves it can be done, but rather it discusses the viability of such a concept. The diabetic-alkaline lifestyle […]

Study on US Government Website States High Fat Diet is Healthy

Health Impact News Editor Comments: The US Government announced last year that they were doing away with the old food pyramid, and replacing it with a plate instead. One thing that has not changed, however, is the government’s low fat dietary advice, in spite of the abundance of research pointing in the other direction. […]