FDA Seeks to Eliminate Competition from Natural Thyroid Medications Like Armour Thyroid

The government is waging a vendetta against Armour Thyroid, because it is natural, and instead is promoting incomplete and synthetic thyroid medications. In addition, if the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) goes through with recent proposals, thousands of patients with similar thyroid conditions may lose access to the compounded version of natural thyroid medications they rely upon to treat their hypothyroidism. In a list of the top 100 most prescribed, top selling drugs in 2015, Synthroid was the number one most prescribed drug, bringing in $1,022,330,738 in sales. Natural thyroid, and the compounding pharmacies that produce it, therefore represent an annoyance to the government-sponsored monopolists running Big Pharma.

Taking Thyroid Hormone Increases Breast Cancer Risk By 200%

A study found that women who take thyroid hormone for at least 15 years have 200% increase in the risk of breast cancer as compared to women who did not take thyroid hormone. You read that correctly: a 200% increase risk of breast cancer in women who took thyroid hormone as compared to women who did not take thyroid hormone. How could that be? The answer is simple: The increased breast risk in thyroid supplemented women is due to iodine deficiency.

Effective Treatment Protocols for Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid Disease

Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, is a very common problem, and there are many reasons for this, including drinking chlorinated and fluoridated water, and eating brominated flour. Chlorine, fluoride, and bromine are all in the same family as iodine, and can displace iodine in your thyroid gland. Dr. Jonathan Wright, a pioneer in natural medicine, recommend that women take about 6 mg of iodine per day, and men about 3 mg per day to protect their thyroid and breast health. Another principal cause of hypothyroidism is related to elevated reverse T3 levels, which can become elevated in response to heavy metal toxicity. In such cases, successful treatment must include detoxification. Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) can be successfully and quickly reversed with a treatment protocol using Lugol’s iodine and lithium.

Pharmaceutical Companies Want to Eliminate Natural Thyroid Hormone with New Law

Patients need access to compounded thyroid extract, not just the synthetic and incomplete version. A new clinical trial has found that hypothyroid patients prefer natural, full-spectrum desiccated thyroid extract (DTE) to T4-only preparations.There is a bill moving through Congress to outlaw certain compounded medications. This bill is a blatant move by pharmaceutical companies to eliminate the competition from compounding pharmacies and force people to buy the mass-marketed version of the drugs. That would mean that in the event of future shortages of DTE, people might be forced to switch to the T4-only preparations that leave so many patients with unresolved symptoms.

Woman Finds Relief for Hypothyroidism with Coconut Oil – Drops Medication

I must post about my amazing experience with Virgin Coconut Oil. I am 35 years old and severely hypothyroid. I was on thyroxine at very high does for 5 years before I started looking for an alternative. My doctor said my levels were alright, however I was still extremely lethargic and suffered from “brain fog”. I started out taking 2 tablespoons a day and instantly felt the effects. It was so energizing that I couldn't take it before bed or I wouldn't sleep.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Thyroid Health

by Brian and Marianita Shilhavy
Many Americans suffer from symptoms such as cold hands and feet, low body temperature, sensitivity to cold, a feeling of always being chilled, headaches, insomnia, dry skin, puffy eyes, hair loss, brittle nails, joint aches, constipation, mental dullness, fatigue, frequent infections, hoarse voice, ringing in the ears, dizziness, loss of […]

Pregnancy and Hypothyroidism: Are You at Risk?

By BodyEcology.com

What do pregnancy and an underactive thyroid have to do with each other?

These are two seemingly unrelated conditions. However, postpartum hypothyroidism is more common than most people think and does not always show up in traditional thyroid blood tests that only test for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). If you feel […]

The connection between Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroidism

by Dr. Mercola
Dr. John Lowe is a skilled clinician, recognized as one of the leading experts on treating thyroid disease with natural medicine. In this interview, he discusses hypothyroidism and the lesser known thyroid hormone resistance, and how thyroid disease is connected to fibromyalgia.

Video Transcript

Dr. Mercola’s Comments:
Thyroid disease, or inadequate thyroid hormone regulation, is […]