Mapping the Genome and Modern Genetics: Eugenics Repackaged for Modern Times

The "science" of eugenics in America's past history resulted in racism, forced sterilization, forced vaccination, and tyrannical government policies all in the name of developing a "superior" race of people. In Germany, the "science" of eugenics was used by the Nazi Party to "eliminate" over 11 million men, women, and children. The term "eugenics" has fallen out of favor and is no longer a politically correct word to use, because of its negative stigmatization. But has the philosophy behind "eugenics" simply been replaced with the "new science" of genetics, and the mapping of the human genome? Is there reason to suspect hidden motivations of certain groups who want us to be convinced that our genes, and only our genes, control every aspect of our health and well-being? Can we trust everything we hear about the benefits of genetic research? Is there a dark side to genetics? Is America heading down the same path that eugenics led us in the past, and that led Nazi Germany up to World War II?

Eugenics in the United States Today: Are We on the Same Path Nazi Germany Followed?

The word Eugenics means "good genes." Eugenicists believe that principles of Darwin’s theory regarding “the survival of the fittest” can be used to support the elimination of weak and undesirable people from society. When Adolf Hitler applied Darwin’s theory of evolution and the principles of eugenics to the goals of the German state, the result was the murder of eleven million men, women and children. These lives were sacrificed in the name of eugenics. Eugenicists were seeking to improve the conditions of life for humanity by creating a “superior” race of people. The eugenics movement had a very dark side, which led to social control, loss of reproductive freedom, and the loss of life. Should we be concerned that modern genetic science might have a dark side as well? Will the fruit of genetic research be misused by ill-intentioned people to gain control over others as happened with eugenics in the past? Has modern genetics completely severed itself from its roots? Or, might it become the tool that will be used to try to control the lives of certain groups of people in America today, such as those who refuse vaccines?

Genetics Research Fraud: Your Genes do NOT Determine Your Health

Your environment and lifestyle, particularly your diet, has a direct influence on your genetic expression. For example, research using identical twins have shown that diet trumps genes in terms of the level of health you achieve. The science of epigenetics also challenges the conventional view of genetics, proving that the environment determines which traits a gene will express, and that your fate is in no way written in stone even if you have genetic predispositions. It has become increasingly clear that there's collusion going on between our government, industry, and scientists, to hide the fact that everything from human health and intellectual capacity to various addictions are indeed caused by the environment in which we find ourselves, NOT genetics and the failed science supporting it with billions of research dollars. Knowing we are not slaves to our genetic heritage offer tremendous amounts of hope for every single one of us, as it removes us from the position of victims of our heredity, and makes us masters of our own health and well-being.

Herbal Medicine Alters Genes, Cell Mitosis and Epigenome

Genetics researchers from Taiwan's National Central University have determined that over a third of herbal medicines used in Traditional Chinese Medicine - and nearly all leading therapeutic herbs - alter our genes or alter enzymes that alter our genetic material. The researchers analyzed 3,294 traditional Chinese medicines – combinations of herbs – and found that 1,170 or 36% will interact with enzymes that alter the histones that lie within our chromosome material. The histones organize the DNA during this chromatin condensation process. This relates directly to DNA repair.

Genetic Research Lacks Science – Political Social Control is Genetics Agenda

Over the last twenty years, human genetic research has convinced the public that genetic factors often underlie disease and human behavior. Yet the genomic research project, which is one of the most expensive science programs ever conceived, has almost entirely failed to identify the important genes that geneticists predicted, or to account for the occurrence of human illness. Thus the BRCA1 equals breast cancer example, which remains the most cited example of a genetic contribution to common disease, plays a role in less than 10% of all breast cancer cases. This contrast between the hype of genetics and the meagre reality exposes, first a failure of geneticists to honestly report their results, and second a failure of the science media. It also brings into focus the disturbing historical fact that human disease genetics first attained prominence with money from the tobacco industry. The tobacco industry had decided it urgently needed to find alternative explanations for lung cancer and tobacco addiction that were capable of dissipating public opprobrium and derailing potential legal actions. Genetics research receives billions of dollars in government funding, and its agenda has become very clear. In the absence of solid scientific data, its is being used politically for social control and to protect invested interests such as the pharmaceutical industry. Genetics is NOT a blueprint for disease or intelligence, as the public has been misled to believe.

Genetics Research Confirms Biblical Timeline

by Jeffrey Tomkins, Ph.D.
Institute for Creation Research


Exciting research from the summer of 2012 described DNA variation in the protein coding regions of the human genome linked to population growth. One of the investigation’s conclusions was that the human genome began to rapidly diversify not more than 5,000 years ago.1,2 This observation closely agrees with a biblical […]

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