The Happy-go-Lucky Girl I had Pre-HPV Vaccine is Gone Forever

There is no doubt in my mind that HPV vaccines played a part in changing my daughter from a healthy young girl into one who was constantly sick with a long journey to recovery. After all, the only change in her life prior to the appearance of all these new medical conditions was being vaccinated with Cervarix and Gardasil. Fast forward three years to September 2018: Has my daughter recovered? Has Chelsea regained some sense of normality in her life? The answers to these questions are both “NO”! Chelsea has had to battle mental health problems. I strongly believe these issues stem from the long term chronic illness she had to endure during her teenage years. These years changed my daughter’s entire outlook on life. I rarely understand her reasoning with things. At times I despise her ways. However, writing her story has made me stop and think. The happy go lucky girl I had pre-vaccine is probably gone forever.

Flawed HPV Vaccine Safety Statement Revealed in Leaked E-Mails

In chaos theory, there is a familiar metaphor known as the “butterfly effect” that suggests small changes in initial conditions (the flapping of a butterfly’s wings) can result in large differences in a later state (the pattern of a hurricane). In the area of vaccine safety, we’ve seen this play out time and again; most recently, when the misrepresentation of study data on minute components of HPV vaccines, presented before a small gathering in Tokyo in 2014, resulted in a worldwide safety proclamation upon which physicians are now basing their vaccination recommendations – and young girls are suffering. In an open letter to the head of the World Health Organization, Dr. Sing Hang Lee, MD, the director of the Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory in Milford, Connecticut, claims members of the WHO’s Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS) deliberately manipulated scientific data relating to the safety of HPV vaccines Gardasil® and Cervarix®. The letter states that the emails, obtained via a Freedom of Information request, clearly demonstrate members of the GAVCS, the CDC and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare knew before the February 26, 2014 Tokyo public hearing that one of their own experts showed scientific evidence that HPV vaccination does increase cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor (TNF), particularly at the injection site compared to other vaccines.

The HPV Vaccine Changed Our Reality

Our daughter Ellen was a happy healthy 12 year old girl who loved to swim competitively and take part in charity runs; she was enjoying secondary school taking part in the school band as well as representing her school at swimming and running events. On 14 January 2010 Ellen had the first Human Papillomavirus vaccination, Cervarix, and the second one on the 25th of February. Since those vaccinations our family lives have been turned upside down. Ellen is no longer a healthy confident independent young girl. Every day I regret ever having allowed her to have the HPV vaccine and can’t help wondering how different all our lives could be if we had made a different decision.

Unlike U.S., Japan Government Investigating HPV Vaccine Injuries

U.S. government officials and agencies have proven that they cannot be relied upon to give the public accurate information regarding vaccine safety and efficacy. With the National Vaccine Compensation Program implemented in 1986 to grant pharmaceutical companies total legal immunity allowing them to put as many vaccines into the market place without the threat of lawsuits if they harm or kill people, the incestuous relationship between Big Pharma and government agencies overseeing vaccines has become a huge conflict of interest. One of the most controversial vaccines world wide is the HPV cancer vaccine. Young girls are suffering tremendously, many of them experiencing premature menopause and with no hope of ever starting their own families. The official U.S. government response has been that there are no problems with this vaccine, and that it is totally safe. Other countries are not obligated to continue promoting this propaganda, and there are many lawsuits currently in litigation in Europe. Japan is one government that has taken a more sane approach to the HPV vaccine, and is still investigating the harmful effects, while leaving it an optional vaccine that they do not officially endorse. In addition, they are exploring ways to help the victims who have suffered from the vaccine.

HPV Vaccine Injuries: “I Cannot Begin to Describe What it is Like to Watch your Daughter Live in Such Agony”

My eleven year-old daughter, Valeria, was a very athletic normal girl until she received the second dose of human papillomavirus vaccine, Cervarix on May 29, 2014. One week later she began experiencing new medical conditions. She began to lose strength in her right leg first, then her left leg. It was painful for her to try and walk. I cannot begin to describe what it is like to watch your daughter live in such agony. All I want is to find answers and a well-timed treatment protocol for the injured girls. Their new illnesses must be recognized and treated. Simply diagnosing them with psychiatric disorders and hiding them under the proverbial carpet is not acceptable.

HPV Vaccine: Will my Life Ever be Normal Again?

Cervarix changed my life: now I would never be able to manage the sort of day I took in my stride as a thirteen year old. I can’t even remember what a day with energy feels like. Before receiving the HPV vaccine at 14, I was an active, mostly healthy child. I am now nineteen years old and despite finally being on various medication to help manage my symptoms. I have gone from enjoying exercise and loving long walks on the moors to sometimes fainting after a short flight of stairs, being reliant on taxis, and having to spend much of my time in bed. I have gone from being a normal teenager to a disabled one, and it seems to have all been triggered by the vaccine.

HPV Vaccines: Time to Follow the Science and Reject the Vaccine

According to WHO, only 0.15% of people exposed to any high risk HPV types will ever develop cervical cancer. Medical consumers need to know that according to the World Health Organization 99.85% of those exposed to oncogenic types of HPV will never develop cervical cancer. Since at least September 2012, FDA officials knew infections with high-risk HPV types will not induce cancer without genetic mutations and/or other epigenetic (relating to or arising from nongenetic influences on gene expression) events occurring also. Did this cause the FDA or CDC to re-examine the usefulness of HPV vaccines? No. Today, countries around the world are putting a halt on government-recommended HPV vaccines and investigating numerous claims of HPV vaccine injuries that are destroying the lives of thousands of girls and young women. Since health officials at the FDA are apparently ignoring scientific facts, medical consumers need to be aware of the science, or lack therof, behind HPV vaccines.

My Daughter and Cervarix: Suffering I Cannot Take Away

At one point or another, every parent in the world makes a decision they regret. Who could have predicted that an attempt to protect my daughter from cervical cancer via HPV vaccination would turn our lives into a constant battle to regain her health and maintain her right to an education?

With HPV Vaccine Decline in Sales in US Due to Side Effects, Drug Companies Look to Poor Countries for New Market

What to Do if Your Drug Has Too Many Dangerous Side Effects? Simple—you ship it to third world countries! The manufacturers of two human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines, Merck (Gardasil) and GlaxoSmithKline (Cervarix), have found a new market: they struck a deal to offer their HPV vaccines to developing countries at much reduced prices. They hope that by 2020, 30 to 40 million girls in developing countries will be getting vaccinated.