Big Dairy Continues War Against Farmers and Raw Milk

Increasing numbers of Americans are seeking out unpasteurized, or raw, dairy products — both for the health benefits and the flavor. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), meanwhile, has released a report that's clearly an attempt to squelch the growing enthusiasm for obtaining farm-fresh foods like raw milk and cheese. The war against raw milk has been one of the most successful, fear-based campaigns ever created to monopolize an industry. As long as farmers are prevented from selling to consumers directly, processors can and do price fix the market, ultimately leading to the intentional destruction of small, family dairy farms and consolidation of CAFO dairy farms using taxpayer-funded subsidies.

Wisconsin Fight over 5,000 Cow Factory Farm Moves to Court

Courthouse News Service

MADISON, Wisc. (CN) – Family Farm Defenders sued Wisconsin to try to stop a commercial dairy whose planned 6,270 “animal units” would produce 55.3 million gallons of manure and wastewater a year.
Fifty-five million gallons of wastewater would cover 1 acre 169 feet deep.

Family Farm Defenders and three landowners sued the […]