American Dietetic Association Seeks Monopoly on Nutrition

by Alliance for Natural Health
The ADA is starting 2012 on the attack by introducing bills in four states and preparing for more—trying to sew up a legally enforced national monopoly before opposition can mount. Action Alerts!
We’ve mentioned the ADA bills still pending in California and New York. Now we have […]

American Dietetic Association Wants to be Sole Authority on Nutrition

by Dr. Jonny Bowden
The American Dietetic Association is at it again, working tirelessly to make sure that the only nutrition information you get is from members of their union.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now: I consider the American Dietetic Association one of the most destructive influences on eating behavior in America.
They […]

The American Dietetic Association’s Monopoly Continues to Grow—But You Can Stop It Cold!

by Alliance for Natural Health
New bills have been introduced in a number of states that will give the ADA a monopoly over the practice of nutritional therapy—these are the people in charge of the wonderful hospital food. Please take action in your state to stop this power grab and ensure […]