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As Pain Sufferers Turn to the Herb Kratom in Place of Opioid Drugs States Try to Ban It

Kratom, an ancient Southeast Asian herb used for reducing pain, increasing energy, and withdrawing from opioids is currently undergoing threats of being banned by individual states, adding to the seven states that have already banned it. Prior to this, kratom users survived a national threat of being classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance by the DEA in 2016, which would make it illegal to have and use under any circumstances. Kratom's use originated in Southeast Asia centuries ago. It helped addicts get off opium and helped bolster energy and attitude while maintaining alertness for those traveling through or exploring dense jungle environments under hot, humid conditions. Since then, there have been governmental controversies surrounding kratom's use despite testimonies of its safe usefulness by many. Some nations have restricted or banned its use. The state-by-state threats of banning kratom are a result of FDA and media reports of deaths among kratom users that have shown to be inaccurate and misleading. Kratom advocates maintain that kratom's benefits far outweigh its perceived harms. And they are campaigning to keep pure kratom products available for self-medicating while avoiding opioid drugs.

More Seniors Rejecting Pharmaceutical Drugs for Medical Cannabis

It’s becoming well known that older Americans are the country’s fastest-growing population of new cannabis users for medicinal purposes. More and more seniors are seeking refuge from polypharmacy, which is a culmination of five to maybe 25 costly pharmaceutical drugs being taken daily that actually diminish their quality of life. Fortunately, there are legitimate cannabis studies supporting seniors’ need for replacing toxic pharmaceutical drugs with medical cannabis, making it easier for baby boomers who never inhaled to switch from polypharmacy to cannabis. This article will cite some of those cannabis studies that relate specifically to the age-related discomforts, sleep disorders, lower energy, pains, and diseases that tarnish their "Golden Years."

Will Nanotechnologies and the New 5G Network Become the Most Powerful Weapon System the World Has Ever Seen?

When the nanotechnology in human bodies is activated by special frequencies from the 5-G network, we could experience the most powerful weapon system that has ever been invented. Unlike atomic weapons that kill everyone and create a toxic disaster for both the winners and the losers of war, the pairing of nanotechnology that is in our bodies with the high frequency radiation in the gigahertz and terahertz range will create weapons that can fulfill an incredible number of functions for those who control the technology. This weapon system has the potential to individually identify and monitor the location of all people on the Earth. This weapon system has the potential to monitor emotions and thoughts of individual people. This weapon system has the potential to transmit instructions to individuals and to groups that will create thoughts and trigger emotional responses. It will even be able to restrict the ability to logically evaluate situations and create alternative solutions to problems. This weapon system has the potential to target individuals who have been deemed as uncooperative and neutralize them for the greater good of society. This will be accomplished by disrupting neurological activity, weakening human immune systems, causing pain, creating life-threatening illnesses, and producing premature death. I realize that this all sounds like rather far-fetched speculation and fantasy, but there is enough evidence to support these claims and enough evidence to begin taking proactive steps to protect ourselves from what is rapidly coming toward us. Let’s look at some of the powerful evidence that has led me to draw these conclusions.

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$32,500 a Year for CBD Oil? FDA’s Absurd Logic On CBD

We’ve been monitoring the FDA’s treatment of CBD oil, a cheap, safe, and effective natural medicine for pain and other ailments. The agency has stated that CBD is not a supplement, and part of their justification is that it wasn’t marketed as a dietary ingredient before 1994. Recent evidence has surfaced, however, that clearly shows cannabis was consumed as food for centuries in many different countries. But because of a technicality, it is unlikely that the FDA will consider this evidence that would allow CBD to remain on the market as a supplement—meaning that consumers will have to shell out $32,500 a year for CBD oil.

Study: Cholesterol-Lowering Statin Drugs Associated with Increased Shingles Outbreaks

A recent meta-analysis review study looked into the association of cholesterol-lowering statin drug use with herpes zoster or shingles outbreaks, and determined there was a strong association of higher risk of shingles for older people who take statin drugs. Herpes zoster, more commonly known as shingles, is a painful skin irritation marked by rows of small sores with tiny blisters. It often strikes people over 50 who have experienced chickenpox during childhood. It’s suspected that this occurs when one’s cellular immune system is lowered enough to allow activating the dormant varicella virus (chicken pox) remaining after an earlier recovery from it. What may appear at first as non-threatening small skin lesions can become painful and more debilitating than chickenpox. This reactivated, more virulent form of varicella virus can damage nerves enough to develop into postherpetic neuralgia, which rephrased in layperson's language is "after herpes came intense nerve pain." Acute and chronic peripheral nerve pain may exist in the areas where the shingles skin lesions are located. The consequences can be lethal.

New Bill Could Help Save Natural Medicines

Representative Morgan Griffith (R-VA) has reintroduced a bill to ensure continued consumer access to customized natural medicines made at specialized pharmacies (known as compounding pharmacies). While other challenges remain, the Preserving Patient Access to Compounded Medications Act is an important step toward curbing the attack on these important natural medicines. The Act does several important things. It amends section 503A of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (which pertains to “traditional” pharmacies, as opposed to larger “outsourcing” facilities) to unequivocally permit “office use” of compounded drugs, which allows a doctor to keep a supply of certain medications in his or her office in order to provide immediate treatment to patients who need it. For example, without office use, a patient in extreme pain would have to wait for days, get his or her prescription filled, and then return to the doctor for an injection. The bill also mandates the FDA to accept USP monographs for dietary supplements. This is a pivotal issue.

The FDA’s Attempt to Monopolize and Regulate Dietary Supplements Like Drugs

Just as we suspected, the FDA is coming after supplements once again. Recently we told you about a statement made by Commissioner Scott Gottlieb (who has since resigned his post) concerning the FDA’s regulatory approach to dietary supplements. The statement was short on details but gave us cause for concern. Now it appears as if those fears were warranted: the FDA is attempting to create a mandatory list of all supplement products in the US. Such a list could be used to target certain supplements and remove them from store shelves, and we must oppose it.

Biofield Tuning: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy

People who receive biofield tuning feel lighter. They say they can breathe better. They say they are more relaxed. Biofield tuning improves your resilience and your ability to cope with stress. We can’t take stress out of your life but we can improve your ability to manage that stress. I have seen so many people get out of pain, I have seen so many people overcome anxiety. I have seen so many people step into their own power. So much of what we are burdened with is our story. It can be a story of victimhood, not being good enough, stuckness, or the story of being dealt a bad hand. These are just stories. They are just a perspective – they are just a pattern in your field. Biofield tuning is based on the premise that we are basically packets of wave forms – we are light and sound – vibration. So working with vibration makes sense. It is logical to treat vibration with vibration. There is nothing about this work that is metaphysical, paranormal, or even quantum. This is just Newtonian physics - of resonance and entrainment. The tuning fork initially resonates with whatever perturbation [noise and resistance] that is present, and because it is producing a strong signal of coherence, it entrains the body into a coherent expression.

Biofield Tuning: How Sound Therapy Can Unlock the Hidden Causes of Illness

I was eating a totally organic diet or better. I had very limited exposure to EMF and microwave radiation. I avoided chemical toxins. I took dozens of supplements. I did everything I could to be healthy. But regardless of my efforts, I just didn’t feel physically and emotionally strong. I was 62 years old and my health was failing. I went to see an alternative minded physician about a year ago and he suggested biofield tuning. He told me that biofield tuning helps people get to the root of their illnesses – the energetic cause – and can unblock the physical and emotional dysfunctions that I had accumulated since the beginning of my life. I liked the idea of going deep and removing the cause of my problems. But, I am basically a skeptic. Even though I am a critic of most aspects of conventional medicine, I don’t automatically trust the alternatives unless two conditions are met. First, I must see strong evidence of effectiveness, and second I must be able to understand how the healing modality achieves its results. In other words – show me proof of healing and show me the science. So, I went home and began to investigate. I listened to YouTube presentations by Eileen McKusick, the originator of biofield tuning, and then I read her book, Tuning the Human Biofield. Having been tentatively convinced by the science and the testimonies, I decided to try a biofield tuning session so I could draw my own conclusions. I had five sessions that were spaced out about 8 weeks apart. Based on my positive experiences, I decided to prepare an article on biofield tuning to explain how it works.