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Biofield Tuning: How Sound Therapy Can Unlock the Hidden Causes of Illness

I was eating a totally organic diet or better. I had very limited exposure to EMF and microwave radiation. I avoided chemical toxins. I took dozens of supplements. I did everything I could to be healthy. But regardless of my efforts, I just didn’t feel physically and emotionally strong. I was 62 years old and my health was failing. I went to see an alternative minded physician about a year ago and he suggested biofield tuning. He told me that biofield tuning helps people get to the root of their illnesses – the energetic cause – and can unblock the physical and emotional dysfunctions that I had accumulated since the beginning of my life. I liked the idea of going deep and removing the cause of my problems. But, I am basically a skeptic. Even though I am a critic of most aspects of conventional medicine, I don’t automatically trust the alternatives unless two conditions are met. First, I must see strong evidence of effectiveness, and second I must be able to understand how the healing modality achieves its results. In other words – show me proof of healing and show me the science. So, I went home and began to investigate. I listened to YouTube presentations by Eileen McKusick, the originator of biofield tuning, and then I read her book, Tuning the Human Biofield. Having been tentatively convinced by the science and the testimonies, I decided to try a biofield tuning session so I could draw my own conclusions. I had five sessions that were spaced out about 8 weeks apart. Based on my positive experiences, I decided to prepare an article on biofield tuning to explain how it works.

Survey: Many Canadians Choosing Medical Cannabis to Replace Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Canada became one of the world’s first complete nations to legalize medical marijuana in 2001. This occurred after Terrance Parker went all the way to Ontario’s Court of Appeals in 2000 to declare the right to treat his epilepsy with the only thing that worked for him – cannabis. This court declared arresting Parker for using the only compound that worked for him was unconstitutional. Thus the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) created a national legal medical marijuana program allowing its use for chronic pain and diseases mainstream medicine fails at helping, such as cancer and AIDS. Since then, modifications and updates have created more liberal access to medical cannabis nationally throughout Canada more than any state in the United States. Recreational non-medical access to cannabis was approved in 2018. A recent University of Victoria survey was conducted among current legal medical marijuana users to determine the reasons and outcomes of using cannabis to replace prescribed pharmaceuticals or alcohol or other dangerous drugs. The researchers concluded: "The findings provide a granular view of patient patterns of medical cannabis use ...adding to a growing body of academic research suggesting that increased regulated access to medical and recreational cannabis can result in a reduction in the use of and subsequent harms associated with opioids, alcohol, tobacco, and other substances."

Report: Diapers and Menstrual Pads Laced with Toxic Chemicals

A new report highlighted by Environmental Health News demonstrates that most diapers and menstrual pads contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and phthalates, endangering millions of babies and seniors who may be absorbing these chemicals through the genitalia. Congress and the FDA must take action to protect these populations. The study came about as a result of an investigation and class action lawsuit in South Korea after thousands of women claimed that new sanitary pads were causing menstrual problems and irregularities. The scientists tested a handful of diaper and menstrual pad brands for the presence of VOCs and phthalates, though they don’t name the brands. The study’s authors concluded, “The physical location of the exposure site, the high absorption rate of the genitalia for chemicals, and the long-term exposure period demand a thorough investigation on the potential impact of the exposure to VOCs and phthalates.” All four brands of diapers and all eleven brands of menstrual pads tested positive for at least two phthalates. Two brands of menstrual pads contained VOCs, along with all four diaper brands.

Cough Medicine Is Ineffective and May Be Dangerous

It may start as a tickle in the back of your throat, or a full throttled bark as you try to clear a growing amount of secretions in your upper respiratory tract. But, however it begins, most would like the coughing to stop. Usually a cough will accompany a cold, beginning as a runny nose, scratchy throat and sneezing. Although you're likely to recover from most symptoms within 10 days, your cough may continue for several weeks. However, over-the-counter (OTC) cough suppressants have been found to be ineffective and may even be dangerous. Despite such evidence, cough medicines are still commonly given to children. Calming your cough may be as close as your kitchen cabinet. Consider trying the following natural remedies to soothe your cough:

Latest Alzheimer’s Blockbuster Drug Fails to Complete Phase 3 Trials

As has been reported numerous times here at Health Impact News for the past 6 years or so, the pharmaceutical industry has been desperate to find an Alzheimer's drug to market to an aging baby boomer population with ever increasing numbers of Alzheimer's Disease cases. And yet, billions of dollars have been invested in potential drugs only to see these drugs never make it out of the trial phase and come to market, because they do not significantly help Alzheimer's patients. Biogen and their partner Eisai are the latest pharmaceutical companies to throw in the towel regarding their Alzheimer's drug aducanumab, which has failed to make it out of phase 3 trials. Many drug researchers have now abandoned the theory of amyloid plaque accumulation in the brain as the causative factor of Alzheimer’s. Could aducanumab's failure be the last nail in the coffin for this theory, as natural approaches to Alzheimer's such as coconut oil and the ketogenic diet see more positive results?

Research: Black Seed Oil Protects Pancreas Damage from Diabetes – Helps Heal Wounds

The Mideast region of Eurasia has known that black cumin seed (Nigella sativa) "remedies all but death" for centuries. Now it seems that many researchers in that region are doing what they can to demonstrate the science behind this centuries-old medicine's anecdotal folklore. Recently published studies have looked at black cumin seed oil for rapidly healing wounds, and protecting against pancreas damage which leads to diabetes.

Dispelling the Myth that LDL Cholesterol is “Bad”

Independently-sourced research challenges the idea that LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is the "bad cholesterol," and causes heart disease. However, the theory that LDL is "bad" persists in the mainstream media and with Big Pharma, mainly because they would lose billions of dollars in drugs and treatments to admit the theory lacks merit. The hypothesis of saturated fat creating artery-clogging cholesterol as the source of heart disease should be considered dead and incapable of resuscitating, based on the scientific evidence. But one still sees and hears fearful statements about lowering cholesterol and avoiding heart disease, mostly on mainstream media but even all too often on internet alternative media sources. Current research is showing LDL is not dangerous and it’s not an accurate marker for pending heart disease.

FDA Wants to Regulate Human Poop and Let Only Big Pharma Sell it as a Super Probiotic Drug for Profit

The FDA is on the verge of deciding the future of fecal microbiota transplants (FMT), a promising new treatment that harnesses the power of the gut microbiome to fight illness. The agency is poised to regulate FMT as new drugs, which means patients will be paying thousands of dollars for human poop. This is yet another example of why medicine is so expensive in this country: the FDA takes affordable, natural treatments—as natural and humble as human feces!—and gifts them to Big Pharma to reap mega-profits. Left on its own, we know that the FDA will once again serve Big Pharma by classifying FMT as a new drug. To develop a new drug costs billions of dollars, which can only be recouped through market exclusivity (read: FDA-granted monopoly). What can now be had for free will then cost tens of thousands of dollars. The only way we can prevent it is to respond in force to tell the FDA to keep its hands off our poop!

4th Child Develops Cancer after California Elementary School Cell Tower Installed

Four students and three teachers have reportedly been diagnosed with cancer at an elementary school in Ripon, California, after a cell tower was installed directly on the school grounds about 3 years ago. After the 4th child was diagnosed with cancer earlier this month (March, 2019), some parents reportedly pulled their students from school, and about 200 parents of the school's 400 students gathered at a City Council meeting last week. They want the cell tower removed from the school. The school district reportedly has a 25-year lease contract with Sprint, and receives $2000.00 a month to have the cell tower located on school property. School board president Kit Oase has said that tests done on the tower found it was operating normally within safety standards. Many parents disagree. Monica Ferrulli is one of those parents who has done her own research. Her son Mason was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 10. She says a doctor has confirmed that the cause of his cancer is “environmental.” Parents are claiming that the testing done by the school utilized a company (Hammett) hired by Sprint, the owner of the cell tower. So the parents reportedly hired their own independent company, Windheim, to conduct testing, and they provided handouts at the City Council meeting that is reportedly the result of the testing. They also claim that the school website did not allow them to publish their findings

The Perimenopause Summit is Online and FREE!

80% of women suffer from perimenopause symptoms negatively impacting their quality of life, and symptoms can start in their 20s. Don’t settle for dull moods, foggy brains, flabby bellies, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, low libido, weight gain and bone loss so conventionally accepted with aging! There are natural, effective and easy-to-implement solutions to balance your hormones (and help your body care for itself) at any age! Unfortunately, hormone and women’s health issues are incredibly misdiagnosed and misunderstood, leaving many women feeling hopeless, broken and stuck. Your host, Dr. Michelle Sands was there, in her 20s with irregular and absent periods, mood swings, joint pain, infertility, low libido, digestive issues and insomnia. She was told her ovaries had failed and to manage her symptoms for the rest of her life with birth control pills, antidepressants and other medications. So, she found a better way — a natural way to help her body heal itself — and she’s here to teach you how to do the very same, no matter whether you’re in your 20s or decades older!