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A group known as “HPV Calgary” is threatening to sue the Catholic School board in Calgary Canada over its refusal to allow HPV vaccines in their schools. HPV Calgary is apparently a group of physicians and vaccine advocates.

Why does the Catholic school board, overseers of a private school district, oppose the vaccines in their schools?

It says it has taken moral guidance from Bishop Fred Henry and decided against allowing the immunization in its schools. Bishop Fred Henry, who is opposed to girls being vaccinated in school, worried it sends the message that promiscuity is OK.

Calgary Catholic school chair Mary Martin said it’s a matter of faith, and everything at the board is taught through that lens.

“The vaccine itself is a parental choice,” she said. “The province, certainly Calgary Catholic and the bishops, recognize the parents as the first and best educators of their kids. “We want to leave that choice firmly . . . making it a parental decision.” (Read the full story here.)

So the private school district, standing behind its principles of faith and parental choice, is now being threatened with a lawsuit.

HPV Calgary’s Dr. Ian Mitchell said the board’s failure to include the issue at its Wednesday board meeting shows there’s no alternative but to seek legal action on what he calls a life-and-death matter. “We haven’t heard any reasonable argument of why no vaccinations.” (Read the full story here.)

It would seem that the doctor’s opinion of “reasonable” is what will be the basis of the lawsuit. How about the US government records of adverse reactions to this vaccine, which include death? See: 213 Women Who Took the HPV Vaccine Suffered Permanent Disability The evidence that the HPV vaccine has serious side effects, and is not even effective, is overwhelming.

Another member of HPV Calgary made this bold statement:

Bio-ethicist, parent, and Catholic Juliet Guichon says the school ban will have tragic results.“The physicians have told the trustees that they can predict with statistical certainty that there will be disease and death as a consequence of these children not receiving the vaccine,” says Guichon. (Read the full story here.)

Quite a statement over what is already a very controversial vaccine, and one which has not been in the market long enough to even provide any statistical evidence of whether it is effective or not. Even those who are not anti-vaccine have criticized the lack of science behind the vaccine. See: Gardasil Vaccine Claim for Preventing Cervical Cancer Not Backed by Science – an article in Discover Magazine, which is hardly anti vaccine!

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