by Chin (from Singapore)

For over 5 years my husband have had swallowing difficulties. Initially it was solids then semi-liquids and cold liquids. He would experienced chest pain and frequently had to regurgitate to relieve the pain. Though we never get a proper diagnosis for his disease, I believe he has Achalasia.

I’ve decided to include coconut oil into my husband’s diet as in my course of work, MCT oil (found in coconut oil) were also given to premature babies to supplement their feeding or babies with GERD. My husband started with 2 tablespoon of ORGANIC Virgin Coconut Oil  on 2 June 2012. In slightly over 2 weeks he was able to eat and swallow comfortably without any choking episodes, no regurgitation of food because he said he can feel the food moving down into the stomach.

I urge you all to read all you can about the miracle of coconut oil and have it into your diet soon.

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