INDIA’S biggest manufacturer of ghee is planning to push it as a health food    

by Robin Pagnamenta
The Times


Ghee is the raw material at the heart of every authentic Indian curry and a holy offering revered in Hindu weddings.

The managing director of the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation, which owns India’s No1 ghee brand, Amul, said that the relaunch aimed to shift perceptions of the product. He wanted the traditional cooking fat made from clarified butter to be seen not as an unhealthy offering used to excess by mainly older Indians but as a fashionable food for a new, younger, health-conscious generation.

“Incorrect and incomplete information has created false myths that ghee is not good for their health or the figure,” said Shri RS Sodha said. “The goal is to completely revamp and revolutionise the image of ghee.”

Manisha Tam blames a shift away from traditional Indian cooking fats for the soaring rates of diabetes in India. “In the past 20 years the medical recommendations have been to cut down on fatty ghee, so now Indians are switching to refined seed oils and corn oil,” Dr Tam said.

“But when they were using traditional fats like ghee and coconut oil, the rate of diabetes was much lower than it is today. The incidence of diabetes is still much lower in rural areas where people still eat a lot of ghee and a more balanced diet than in the cities.”

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