by Kenda Robertson

Even though coconut oil has been used as cooking oil for thousands of years, it has gotten a bum rap in the last 20 years or so.

Though there is scientific proof that the highly saturated coconut oil provides many health benefits, the campaign to demonize saturated fat, which started in the 1980s, and promote polyunsaturated fats, such as flaxseed, canola, soybean, safflower, corn, and other seed and nut oils, has overshadowed the tropical oil’s beneficial properties.
American industry farmers, who were unable to grow and make a profit from coconuts, decided to wage a public relations war against tropical oils in favor of those they could produce.

Reports have claimed that saturated fats are linked to high cholesterol and heart disease, multiple sclerosis and other ailments. If this is true, then why is it that people who live in tropical climates and eat a diet high in coconut oil are healthier, have less heart disease, cancer, and colon problems than unsaturated fat eaters?

Many researchers have found that coconut oil actually lowers cholesterol, is anti-aging and helps people lose weight because of its ability to stimulate the thyroid.

Since the 1960s, researchers have been aware of the antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties of the medium chain fatty acids/triglycerides found in coconut oil. Research has shown that the tropical oil destroys microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses.

In 1987, Lim-Sylianco published a 50-year literature review showing coconut oil’s anti-cancer properties. In colon and breast cancer, coconut oil was found to be far more protective than unsaturated oils. For example: 32% of corn oil eaters got colon cancer but only 3% of coconut oil eaters did.

Coconut oil is also more stable than unsaturated oils. While unsaturated oils become rancid very quickly, even after one year at room temperature, coconut oil shows no evidence of rancidity.

Another great use for coconut oil is that of a face and body moisturizer. It can clear acne and soften wrinkles at the same time. Eczema sufferers can find relief with this pleasant-smelling, non-greasy emollient.

It’s much cheaper and healthier than using drugs or creams containing chemicals.

When buying coconut oil, it is best to choose brands that are organic extra-virgin expeller-pressed.

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