July 30, 2014

Bruce Overcoming Dementia with Coconut Oil Update

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Health Impact News Editor note: Please be sure to read our entire article on dementia and Alzheimer’s which also recounts Bruce’s experience and the experience of others here.

His Dream Came True on Saturday

by Carol Flett

Grandpa+with+Luke+and+Amanda Bruce Overcoming Dementia with Coconut Oil Update

Throughout all the near death experiences Bruce had this past year, there was an important goal that kept him from giving up.  He wanted to be at the wedding of our grandson.  It was the first grandchild to get married and he wanted, so badly, to be there, and even to taking part in the ceremony.

But at times that goal seemed like nothing more than an idle dream, an impossibility.  Even when his body started to heal, his mind kept going down hill.  I didn’t know how we would get him to the wedding, and I certainly didn’t expect him to be able to take part.
He couldn’t even remember simple words.  And he couldn’t read.

It would take a miracle!  And that is precisely what happened!  A miracle took place!  See My Husband’s Letter of Thanks, and Bruce’s video talking about how the healing happened with coconut oil

Bruce was not only at his grandson’s wedding, but he also took part in the ceremony, giving the introduction.  By the grace of God, a dream come true!
Here is a short video clip of him praying at the wedding.

My tears started when Bruce walked up the isle with the pastor and the groom.  God has been so good!

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