Lab used for clinical trials of FDA approved drugs falsified data and manipulated samples during 5 year period

by Ed Silverman
This is every drugmaker’s nightmare. The pharmaceutical industry has been put on alert by the FDA that any clinical tests conducted between April 2005 and June 2010 by a contract research organization called Cetero Research may have to be reevaluated because two FDA inspections and an outside audit found falsified data and manipulated […]

Court: Pesticide drift could be trespassing violation

by David Unze
The state Court of Appeals ruled Monday that pesticide drifting from its intended farm onto an adjacent Stearns County organic farm could be considered a trespassing violation by the company that sprayed the pesticide.
The appellate court ruling reinstates a lawsuit filed by organic farmers Oluf and Debra Johnson against Paynesville Farmers Union […]

The Soap You Should Never Use – But 75% of Households Do

by Dr. Mercola

The main compounds in antibiotic wipes, creams and soaps — triclosan and triclocarban — have been added to chopping boards, refrigerators, plastic lunchboxes, and mattresses in an attempt to halt the spread of microbes.

But studies show that these antibiotic chemicals are no more likely than regular soap to prevent gastrointestinal or respiratory […]

Pharmaceutical drugs cause 80% of all poison deaths, but FDA wants stricter standards for supplements which cause 0%

by Alliance for Natural Health
Are the NDI guidelines the ultimate FDA tool to freeze dietary supplement innovation? A special report by Robert Verkerk, PhD, ANH-USA Scientific Director and ANH-Europe Executive and Scientific Director.
(Note: Once again, please do not forget our two related Action Alerts—one on the FDA’s new NDI guidance, the […]

Ten Reasons to Add Coconut Oil to Your Dog’s Diet

Fed regularly to pets, coconut oil can have many health benefits – for their skin, digestive and immune systems, metabolic function, even their bone and brain health! Here are the top 10 reasons to add coconut oil to your dog’s diet:

The Advantages of Raw Milk…Cooked!

by Maureen
Home Made Mothering

About a year and a half ago I wrote a post about my interest in raw milk. All the milk sold in American grocery stores is pasteurized at either 161 degrees for 15 seconds or 145 degrees for 30 minutes. Pasteurization kills any dangerous bacteria potentially lurking […]

What is the Cause of the Obesity Epidemic in the U.S.?

By Dr. Mercola

The website Fooducate has taken a look at the annual obesity report issued by Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Here are some of the 12 shocking statistics they found:

Adult obesity rates rose in 16 U.S. states over the past year, and NOT ONE state decreased
Twelve U.S. states […]

Why James Murdoch Is Now a Headache for Glaxo

by The Refusers

MB Comment: James Murdoch (son of Rupert) sits atop News Corp, the parent company that employed Brain Deer of The London Times, who led the crusade against Dr. Andrew Wakefield. James Murdoch is also on the board of Glaxo, which makes the MMR vaccine – the same MMR vaccine that was the […]

Psychiatrist traces how deception and conflicts of interest have resulted in millions being on psychiatric drugs they don’t need

Interview with Psychiatryland Author Phillip Sinaikin, MD
Martha Rosenberg

Phillip Sinaikin, MD, is a Florida psychiatrist who has been in practice for 25 years. Author of “Get Smart About Weight Control” and co-author of “Fat Madness: How to Stop the Diet Cycle and Achieve Permanent Well-Being,” his new book focuses on excesses and industry influence in […]

Five dementia sufferers die each day from wrongly prescribed drugs

By Martni Beckford
The Telegraph


Many more hospital patients and care home residents suffer strokes triggered by the antipsychotic medications they are given to keep them sedated.

New GP-led bodies that will purchase services under the reformed NHS are being told to review the prescriptions of all 180,000 dementia sufferers currently […]